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EVERY week I make sure I check in depth the pedigree of every city winner that has won at Albion Park, Wentworth Park, Sandown or The Meadows.
Ocassionally I come across a pedigree that, to me, is truly inspired ...a wonderful example of clever ancestor duplication, astute linebreeding etc. The fact it has been done on purpose or by accident matters not.
One such pedigree is that of multiple Victorian city winner Wonderful (Collision-Just Exciting by Excite Ability).
It is as good a pedigree design as I have seen and is an example of just how a damline, nearing extinction, can be dramatically upgraded by the judicious use of pedigree reinforcement.
As every greyhound breeder will know, every pedigree somewhere has claims to some class.
In Wonderful's case it is through her fifth dam Rich Marzipan the top class Victorian race bitch who was a litter sister to two very classy dogs in Buka Sunset and Malawi. Rich Marzipan produced On The Payroll at stud among a number of quality gallopers.
To New Tears, she produced Laughing Face who in 98 race starts win 13 races including Sandown and Gabba victories.
But that's where the damline hit a brick wall... at least in the next two generations of the Wonderful damline.
Laughing Face went to stud failure Star Title and produced a bitch called Desiree's Memory (third dam of Wonderful). Desiree's Memory could win only two races, a Whyalla.
When she retired. Desiree's Memory was mated to Big Ginger Boy. The mating was an inspired one for it duplicated Rich Marzipan and her brother Buka Sunset 3x3. Buka Sunset came in as the damsire of Big Ginger Boy and thus in a very powerful position along the alternate sex path.
Unfortunately, the best of those genes were not ready to come out just yet. The resultant produce, a bitch called Just Jessica, won just two races at Warragul.
Not to be denied, her owners decided to breed on. Just Jessica was mated to the Melbourne Cup winner Excite Ability who was soon after relocated to Dean Turley's Casino stud and has proved himself a more than handy sire from limited opportunities.
The Excite Ability-Just Jessica mating produced Just Exciting who from just two race starts would win once, at Warragul. But she had a brother called He's Exciting who was a multiple Melbourne city winner.
But importantly, this mating brought in a duplication of Ginger (4x3 and sex balanced), and duplicated New Tears 4x4 through two daughters. But the major contribution of this mating was that it again duplicated the famous Waverly Supreme*-Sabby's Image litter by bringing in Malawi (sire of Malawi's Prince the damsire of Excite Ability).
So while she won just one race from two starts, Just Exciting now carried a triple cross of the brothers Malawi, Buka Sunset and most important of all, their sister Rich Marzipan. The combination worked for racetrack ability with He's Exciting, it just needed one more generation to find itself an outlet with Just Exciting.
That came when she was fabulously bred to Collision.
The son of Awesome Assassin-Rumble Spirit by Malawi's Prince carries an ideal stud dog's pedigree. Not only did he have record-breaking speed, but he has only one cross of Brother Fox in his pedigree.
That in itself is ideal for all the Brother Fox saturated broodbitches through the country. It is no surprise that Collision continues to build on his reputation as a sire of quality greyhounds.
When Just Exciting was mated to collision, she brought to the resultant pups some of the best pedigree duplication I have seen. First and foremost is the duplication of that most famous of broodbitches Follow Through who appears 3x5 in the pedigree of Wonderful.
The alternate sex path in Wonderful runs up to Collision and down to Rumble Spirit (Malawi's Prince-Follow Through). On the other side of the pedigree, her sex path runs down to Just Exciting, up to Excite Ability and down to Rerun.
This is where the pedigree hots up. Rerun is a genetic full sister to Rumble Spirit (dam of Collision) being by Malawi's Prince from a daughter of Follow Through.
Add to this the fact Collision carries a male strain (Light Of Fire) of New Tears to sex balance the two daughter strains of New Tears in Just Exciting and you have a pedigree to suit... wonderful in fact.
Wonderful also carried a duplication of Ginger in the pedigree of her dam. Collision brought in a daughter strain of Ginger's sire Eaglehawk Star to balance this.
Add to that the strain of Brother Fox's half brother Acacia Park (through a son in Acacia Ablaze) and you have even more goodies to add to Wonderful's pedigree.
As I said, Wonderful's pedigree appears a genetic explosion.
It has taken three relatively unsuccessful generations to produce this.
Collision was the perfect mate for Just Exciting, bringing in all the complimentary ancestors needed to produce that genetic explosion.
Hindsight is always a wonderful thing. When a pedigree is proven on the racetrack, it's easy to simply say, as I've done here, that it was inspired. So let's extend the Wonderful story a further generation.
Which stud dog would suit her for a future mating?
What about that most infamous of Melbourne Cup winners Surgeon (Primo Uno-Bella's Angel by Ultimate Wish). Putting Wonderful to Surgeon would bring in some entirely different ancestor duplications and necessary sex balances.
First there is the duplication of the litter brothers Black Shiraz (third sire of Surgeon) and his brother Big Ginger Boy (sire of Wonderful's second dam Just Jessica). This would duplicate the influential litter brothers 3x4, top and bottom of the pedigree.
This mating would also duplicate and sex balance Credibility 3x5 and bring in yet another male strain of New Tears, and then duplicate Acacia Ablaze through two daughters.
A successful son of Bombastic Shiraz would also be ideal for Wonderful, a son because it would push the influence of Malawi's Prince in the sireline back to the fourth line and again bring in the duplication of the brothers Black Shiraz and Big Ginger Boy.
Another option could be to put this bitch to champion English galloper Westmead Hawk. This will bring in a cross of Smooth Rumble (damsire of Westmead Hawk) who is a brother to Follow Me Ginger and a half brother to Rumble Spirit who are dominant forces in the pedigree of Wonderful.
The fact Smooth Rumble is a male makes his impact on this mating an important one.
Eaglehawk Star is duplicated through two sons in Westmead Hawk, but it is important that he comes in via his daughter Placid Dove in the pedigree of Wonderful's sire Collision.

                    New Tears
               Light Of Fire
          Awesome Assassin
                    Acacia Ablaze
               Tranquil Flame
                    Placid Dove
               Malawi's Prince
                    Duchess Marina
          Rumble Spirit
                    Brother Fox
               Follow Through
                    Wave To Mouse
                    Kissy Bear by New Tears
          Excite Ability
                    Malawi's Prince
                    Follow Me Ginger (Ginger-Follow Through)
     Just Exciting
               Big Ginger Boy
                    Dark Horizon (by Buka Sunset)
          Just Jessica
                    Star Title
               Desiree's Memory
                    Laughing Face (New Tears-Rich Marzipan)