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The Evolution of the Reid line
HE'S a happy go lucky fella that Dennis Reid. And why wouldn't he be.
For the past quarter of a century he's been churning out great greyhounds. His strike rate is phenomenal, among the best in the world considering the numbers he breeds.
The story of his damline goes right back to a bitch called Freckled Pick (Special Pick-Amanda's Pick) a bitch who could run, and one who was a real mix of country gallopers who could also run.
But right down the line, Reid has in-bred to a degree that would amaze most, and maybe even himself. But it has been a pattern that has continued to produce and produce.
When he has decided to go away from his proven recipe, it has been sometimes with regret. So let's look at the evolution of a broodbitch line and how in-breeding worked to an extent one could hardly imagine.
This bitch carried sires sex balances to a number of sires, closest being Dream's Image 4fx4m. But she also was balanced to Roccabright and Search Again.

The inspiration for Dennis Reid's onslaught into greyhound racing in the 1980s was this daughter of Tegimi-Freckled Pick. Travelling Girl was a sensation when broken in. At her first trial at Lismore she broke a track record, but soon after smashed her wrist and thereafter could not handle the corners on racetracks.
She was a smart straight-tracker but lived in the shadow of her littermate Kenthurst Kate a high class staying bitch for the Reid kennel. Reid, however, knew only too well how good Travelling Girl was and set about using her at stud.
Travelling Girl, and Kenthurst Kate, boast a fabulous in-bred pedigree.
Firstly they are sires sex balanced to both Which Chariot and Top Linen.
But the most interesting aspect of their pedigree is that they carry the famed broodbitch Venetian Rose doubled through the middle of their pedigree, and balanced through the bitch Venetian Babe (Brenda's Babe-Venetian Rose) and the male High Louvre (Top Linen-Venetian Rose).

Travelling Girl had successful litters to Pretty Short and Brother Fox, twice going to them both. The bitch in fact initially aborted a mating to Pretty Short.
Probably her best offspring of all was the champion bitch Golden Fox (Brother Fox-Travelling Girl). This bitch could sprint and stay with the best of them and ran records. She was outstanding.
The biggest impact in her pedigree is the fact she carries 3x3 Temlee (through Brother Fox) and his full sister Viola Lee (the dam of Travelling Girl's sire Tegimi).
Bringing in Temlee is a stroke of genius for this pedigree. We have already shown that Travelling Girl carries a double-up of Venetian Rose through her daughter Venetian Babe (granddam of Temlee and Viola Lee).
Golden Fox was sires sex balanced to both Tivoli Chief and Which Chariot.
Her sire Brother Fox also carried three crosses of famed broodbitch Elsie Moss through the brothers Mister Moss and Miller's Moss all through females.
So here we have Golden Fox already starting to become saturated with the blood of some of the most famous broodbitches this country has seen.

Reid has always rated New Fox one of the best, if not the best, of the dogs he has bred. He won the Topgun and would achieve fame at stud as the sire of superstar Mint Magic also a Topgun winner and twice winner of the Tweed Galaxy.
New Fox was by New Tears-Golden Fox. It didn't take any genius for Reid to plan this mating. Travelling Girl had already produced two quality litters to Pretty Short (sire of New Tears) and there was a great link between Pretty Short and Little Blade (sire of Brother Fox)
Both are bred on the Temlee/Secretly cross. In fact, they carry the sisters Bonnie Secret (in Little Blade) and Newmore Secret (second dam of Pretty Short).
We've already seen that Golden Fox carries Temlee and his sister Viola Lee, as well as her dam Travelling Girl carrying a double of Venetian Rose (their granddam).
New Tears was in-bred 3mx2f to Temlee and was sires sex balanced to that dog. Putting Golden Fox to New Tears would saturate the pedigree of New Fox.

Reid outcrossed Golden Fox when he put her to Chariot Supreme, or so it looked on paper. But Chariot Supreme's own sire Waverly Supreme traced to famed Irish Oaks winner a legendary broodbitch Prairie Peg. So too did Tivoli Dreamer, the grandsire of Temlee.
This Chariot Supreme-Golden Fox litter was sires sex balanced to Which Chariot.
Reid got a smart litter, and included in the bunch was a speedy bitch called Subiaco. She made a Lawnton Cup final, was a winner at Albion Park, and was plagued by back troubles all her career.
Reid had no hesitation in breeding with her.
Subiaco went off to then star Queensland sire Credibility.
Credibility (Worth Doing-No Liability) was already sires sex balanced to Temlee himself and he carried Pretty Short as the sire of his dam. He had three crosses of Temlee in his pedigree.
Subiaco produced a litter that was sires sex balanced to both Brother Fox and Waverly Supreme. And among the litter was Reid's superstar Questions the only dog to win Group 1 races over both 520m and 710m at Albion Park.
There were no Questions about it. This litter was again saturated with in-breeding.

Around the mid-1990s, Reid also put his very fast bitch Gotta Be Solid (Pretty Short-Travelling Girl) to Benjason who was a flop at stud (apart from Bonjase), but he did carry two crosses of Temlee through his famed son Satans Legend (sires sex balanced in Benjason).
This Benjason-Gotta Be Solid litter was sires sex balanced itself to Tivoli Chief. Gotta Be Solid again carried the Temlee/Viola Lee cross.
It produced a bitch called Gotta Return.
When Reid put Gotta Return to his own dog Questions, thus doubling-up on his own bitch Golden Fox, he got Derby winner Road Closed whose saturated pedigree is so full of Venetian Rose it's almost impossible to count the duplications.

Dennis got a bit tired of the constant grind of travelling to and from race meetings in Qld, NSW from his Old Bonalbo property in the late 1990s.
He bought at Murwillumbah and scaled down.
But Gotta Return produced a litter to the NSW St Leger winner Elle's Commando. He carried Brother Fox as his second sire and enough Temlee in his pedigree to once again provide the litter with plenty of the same pedigree Reid had done so well within the past decade and a half.
It produced bitches called Annie's Commando, Twirly Girl, Must Command and Must Obey.
Annie's was easily the best and beat her littermate Twirly in the last Queensland Cup run at Beenleigh. She ran the track record in the process.
But this litter was unique for a Reid bred mating.
It produced in-breeding to Chariot Supreme and his sister Like A Blessing (Waverly Supreme*-Mixed Blessings) through the middle of the pedigree. We've seen that Waverly Supreme* traced to Prairie Peg as did Temlee's sireline. And there was enough of Temlee and Viola Lee in this mating to make it much as Dennis' other in-bred matings.
But that Chariot Supreme/Like A Blessing double-up was different. Much different.

When Annie's and Twirly retired, Reid had been off the scene for a short while. The bitches both went to Melbourne Cup winner Go Wild Teddy and produced flying sprinters, but nothing like New Fox, Golden Fox, Questions etc.
And the thing that strikes immediately in their pedigrees is that Pitstock Park comes in three times through Brother Fox (twice) and his half brother Acacia Park.
Reid remembers only too well the dismal litter Travelling Girl produced to Acacia Park back in the 1980s, a litter that won barely $2000 between them. And it was a virtual outcross.
It had no sires sex balance, and of course no Temlee. That in itself was enough for a disaster.

In the mid-1990s Dennis experimented with his own damline. A number of times he crossed it into itself. He came up with classy gallopers as well. High class stayer Bring The Bacon (Solid Ebony-Mercy Travel) doubled Travelling Girl 3x2. And Gold Coast Futurity winner Up The Road (New Fox-Urgency) doubled Golden Fox 2x2.
Agro Ebony (Solid Ebony-Urgency) carried the half sisters Gotta Be Solid and Golden Fox 2x2. She won in four states on city tracks and when she went to stud, she was mated to Dutchy's Angel.
Among the progeny was Dutchony a top class Adelaide sprinter and winner of 14 races, most of them at Angle Park. Dutchony, who raced up to 2006, is the perfect example of in-bred pedigrees Dennis Reid has been successfully implementing for decades.
Dutchy's Angel is by Light Of Fire a son of New tears. He also carries a double-up of Pretty Short, and four crosses of Temlee. Agro Ebony had her own double-up of Dennis' already saturated damline.
It was always going to be the recipe for success.
The past quarter of a century had already proven it.

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