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Queen Size... champion broodbitch
SHE remembers it well. The night she won $1800 in a trifecta at Albion Park.
The money was burning a hole in Julie Edmondson's pocket. So she went looking for a greyhound.
"I had raced dogs many years ago, but wanted to get back into it," Julie told The Journal. "So I rang Sam Apap the next day and asked him where I can buy a puppy. I told Sam all I had to spend was $1000."
As fate would have it, Sam had a litter of pups by Deep North-Ultra Queen and he was about to do Julie two HUGE favours. First, the pups were by this time 10 months old and Sam wanted $5000 each for them. Julie had just $1000 to spend. Sam let her take her pick for $1000. "He succumbed to my charms," said Julie.
They were by the brilliant sprinter Deep North who was runner-up in the National Derby. Their dam Ultra Queen was a multiple Albion Park winner, over 520m and 600m, and won a number of provincial races in 1994.
"I decided to buy the blue brindle dog that I liked from the litter."
But a day later, Sam rang and said he had decided to sell that particular dog to some clients. He would race as Ima Monarchist and win a country cup, land a few Albion Park wins and acquit himself admirably while on a Victorian campaign.
Brisbane Club president Michael Byrne would race him with some friends.
"Sam said I could have the bitch that was left," said Julie. "I had actually picked her out first. She was fawn and very stocky... classy looking."
Two dogs in the litter Julie sidestepped would later be named Short Model and Keen Model. Tom Patterson would buy them for a client and turn them into superstars.
Short Model would become a Group 1 winner at Albion Park.
Julie was happy to take the fawn bitch. "But when I went over to pick her up it took half an hour to catch her," she said. "She was a wild thing."
Julie was living at Boronia Heights at the time. She took the fawn bitch home and four weeks later she shattered bones in her wrist.
"I took her to (vet) Graham Beh and he didn't give her much chance of getting to the races, 50-50 was the odds," said Julie.
"I couldn't afford the operation so we decided to leave the chips of bones floating in her wrist so it would heal naturally. I was going to keep her for breeding anyway so it didn't matter about the racing career."
Julie broke in the bitch, now named Queen Size, herself and set her for the Vince Curry series at Ipswich. "But every time I trialled her she would pull up lame," she said.
So in desperation she took the bitch back to Sam who used "and old remedy" on her and within eight weeks she was back on the track. She ran second in her Vince Curry qually and fell over in the quarter-final.
"She was showing lots of ability in trials at Tweed, Beenleigh and then Ipswich," said Julie.
Eventually Queen Size would win four races, run 12 placings, and retire after about 35 starts spread over 14 months on the track.
"Eventually the wrist got so bad I just had to retire her," said Julie.
"She showed her ability by winning first up at Albion Park in 30.39 which was the best of the day.
"I took her back to Graham Beh and his advice was that she was finished. She was retired very young and would be the first bitch I had ever bred with."
Queen Size was destined, and determined, to be a broodbitch.
"She came on season very shortly after she retired from racing," said Julie. "I wasn't working at the time and I didn't know what to do."
So she rang Greg Stella who had his former star staying dog Shape shifter at stud.
"I remember Greg asking me, `why my dog?'," said Julie.
A deal was done. Greg would get a pup for the service and Julie decided to keep two, a dog and a bitch which she has done with every litter until recently when she has kept them all.
"I told Greg at the time that Queen Size would prove his stud dog," said Julie.
Greg's pup would be called Rylee's Reward and he would prove a high class galloper in four states running third in an Ipswich Auction, winning The Schweppes at Cannington, the Mandurah Cup, and making a Hobart Thousand final.
(Editor's Note: I was at Greg Stella's Park Ridge property the day Greg picked up the then three-month-old pup that would be named Rylee's Reward. He emptied through the Stella dog trailer... and a more than annoyed Greg wasn't sure if he had the best part of the deal at that early stage.)
Julie never had a problem selling pups out of Queen Size.
They went like hot cakes.
A city winning litter sister to a Group 1 winner is always a lure for pup buyers.
From then on Queen Size has continued to churn out litters and had high class gallopers in each of them.
"She is a fantastic mother," said Julie.
"She's never had any trouble having her pups, but she keeps herself very fit and looks more like a three-year-old than a nine-year-old.
"She gallops with all the other dogs on the property every day."
Julie recently asked the advice of vet Charlie Welch when he came over to vaccinate a litter of her latest pups, a repeat mating to Surf Lorian.
"Charlie said she looked fine to keep having litters," said Julie.
"She is due on in about six months and this will probably be her last litter."
Julie has Size Em Up from the bitch's first litter (to Shape Shifter) to continue the damline.
Size Em Up has a litter of four pups by Bond that are now 12 months old.
"I've never had any trouble selling my pups from Queen Size, but they have never been dear pups. The first litter sold for $800 each, although I got $3000 each for the Elite State litter."
While Queen Size is a great mother delivering her pups, and with the quality she puts into them, she sticks with her pups for only about five weeks.
"She wants to leave them after that," said Pace Fury (18 wins, 6 at Alb Pk, 3rd Qld Cup)
Size Em Up (3 wins)
Size Matters (10 wins, 3 at Alb Pk)
Spirit Of Cordeau (unraced, broke Ips TR in trial)

(January 03)
Awesome Size (3 wins, finalists Vince Curry)
Julie's Size (4 wins, 3 at Alb Pk)
King Size (6 wins, 3 at Alb Pk)
Moonlite Amour (1 3rd, 1 start)
Redeo Bob (8 wins, 3 at Alb Pk)
Tamiko (2 wins)

(May 04)
Jett Black Bob (4 wins, 1 at Alb Pk 30.45, 19.92 Cap)
Size Counts (11 wins, 1 at Alb Pk 23.08, Cap 19.77)
Teddy's Pride (17 wins, 8 at Alb Pk)

(April 05)
Made To Size (10 wins, 4 at Alb Pk 29.88, WP 30.14, Cap 19.74, Ips 30.61, GC 25.77)
Sherpa Rose (12 wins, Cairns TR)
Sistermatic (8 wins, Ips 30.85, 37.66)
Surf Queen (4 wins, 1 at Alb Pk)
Surf's Up Bob (5 wins, 2 at Alb Pk)
Tsunami Surf (6 wins, 4 at Alb Pk, 23.61 Tweed)
Zambezi Diamond (4 wins, Big Maiden Lismore 24.12, SP 29.86)

(April 06)
Size Can Matter (5 wins, Alb Pk 29.90, Young Mem at GC)
Elite Size (1 win, GC 26.23)
Betty Davis Size (2 wins, Cap 19.80)
Diamond Elite (Lismore 30.54)
Kay Size State (4 wins, 1 at Alb Pk, GC 25.82)

Repeat mating now six months old.

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