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Elsie Moss... a legend broodbitch
We can often learn from the greats of the past and there are few greater broodbitches than Elsie Moss (Magic Babe-Maggie Moss) the black and white bitch born in December 1959.
To say she is one of the great producers this country has seen is certainly an understatement because she not only left a dynasty in her home country but eventually went to the US where even though she was already old, left a number of influential progeny.
Her sons, like Max Moss, had gone before her and he became the damsire of the great US champion K's Flak 1979's champion sprinter and captain of the All American team.
Elsie Moss was no slouch on the racetrack herself winning the NSW St Leger.
So what went into the pedigree that made Elsie Moss so great
This is her make-up.

Tumble Bug
Rocket Jet
Magic Babe
Chief Havoc
Gorgeous Babe
Daisy Rock
Chief Havoc
Thelma's Mate
Maggie Moss
Minda Jerry
Crystal Anne
Crystal Clare

Firstly you will notice she is in-bred 3x2 to the legendary Chief Havoc through two daughters. But what isn't evident is the fact she traces in direct female on both sides of her pedigree to the virtual sisters Daisy Valley (third dam of Magic Babe) and Fawn Maudie (fourth dam of Elsie Moss).
Check out how closely bred they are:

Daisy Valley
Pride Of The Valley
Weedy Valley
Maudie Francis

Fawn Maudie
Maudie Francis

Both Daisy Valley and Fawn Maudie trace directly to that famed foundation bitch Francis Colleen the great coursing bitch of the late 1920s who is also responsible for such illustrious names as Temlee, Just The Best, Token Prince etc
Francis Colleen was sex balanced to champion sire Comedy King 3x3 through the middle of her pedigree.
It is interesting to note that both Daisy Valley and Fawn Maudie have very in-bred pedigrees. In fact, this occurs for most of the generations that went to making up the pedigree of Elsie Moss, mainly through influential dams.
Daisy Valley and Fawn Maudie are in-bred to the bitch White Verse through her sons the three-quarter brothers Andrew Micawber (by Micawber by The Dickens) and Wilkie Collins (by The Dickens).
Daisy Valley carries three crosses of the bitch Playful Vett through her son Playful King (by Comedy King) and his half sister Writtle Belle (by a son of Comedy King).
Maudie Francis, dam of both Daisy Valley and Fawn Maudie, was herself heavily in-bred to the bitch Miss Verse through the sisters White Verse and Una Verse, and also to Francesca through the brothers Foothold and Volum Ale and the sister Francis.
Francesca was also dam of champion King Comedy the winner of 40 from 43 courses including the 1915 Waterloo Cup.
Dolly Francis, dam of Maudie Francis, was sex balanced to White Hope 3x3, but of more importance is the fact her sire Open Finesse and damsire Sir Francis are bred on the exact same cross but in reverse.
Open Finesse is by Volum King from a daughter of White Hope.
Sir Francis is by White Hope from a sister to Volum Ale, sire of Volum King.
Maggie Moss, dam of Elsie Moss, was herself in-bred to the influential dam Shady Burn (Shady Spot-Quare Hope) and this bitch is best remembered as second dam of that great galloper and sire Silver Chief.
Magic Babe, sire of Elsie Moss, was an older full brother to US Hall of Fame sire Tell You Why.
Legend Temlee is in-bred and sex balanced 3x3 to Magic Babe.
So by the time Magic Babe and Maggie Moss were mated, a virtual genetic explosion of in-breeding to great females was ready to happen.
It certainly did with Elsie Moss who had proved herself on the racetrack at the highest level and then did again at stud.
But Elsie Moss had to be compatible with the sires she was mating to produced the desired results.
At stud this great bitch produced such legendary names as Anne Lewis, Clay Moss, Miller's Moss, Rose Moss, Miami Moss, Andy Moss, Mister Moss, Pearl Moss etc.
Most of her success came when she was mated to the then boom young sire Black Top (Top Linen-Classy Jane).
Black Top was himself a highly in-bred individual carrying Fine Linen and his litter sister Yullulla (Search Again-Blue Linen) 3x4.
By putting Elsie Moss to Black Top it brought to the resultant pups a son of Chief Havoc in Gogodalla in the female line of Black Top to balance with the two daughters strains that Elsie Moss already carried of Chief Havoc.
And it also brought in a sex balance of Roccabright through the male Search Again (in Black Top) and his daughter Daisy Rock (in the damline of Magic Babe). There was also a sex balance to Minda Jerry in this pedigree.

Fine Linen (Search Again-Blue Linen)
Top Linen
Brenda Gay
     Black Top
Chief Havoc
Yullulla (Search Again-Blue Linen)
Classy Jane
Glyn Occa
Smooth Reply
Rocket Jet
Magic Babe
Gorgeous Babe (by Chief Havoc)
Elsie Moss
Chief Havoc
Maggie Moss
Crystal Anne

So we've seen that the Black Top-Elsie Moss matings were the bringing together of two very in-bred individuals, and the linking of them together with some astute balancing through three sires.
It was as we said, a genetic explosion waiting to happen.
When Elsie Moss was mated to the imported stud dog Which Chariot (Cheerful Chariot-Which Side) it might have appeared a total outcross. But in fact it brought in no fewer than 39 crosses on both sides on the pedigree of the broodbitch Higher Walton dam of the great sire Staff Officer.
It might be a long way back, but it's there.
The damline of Elsie Moss is still alive today. She is the 8th dam of Toll Security runner-up in the Topgun and sire of WP track record holder Benny's Toll.
Another from the line is top sprinter Big Wave Dave (Bombastic Shiraz-Pure Formality) a finalist in the National Sprint in 2006, the Golden Easter Egg, Maitland Gold Cup and Wangaratta Cup.
Big Wave Dave carries 12 crosses of Temlee. You will remember he traces directly to Francis Colleen who appears on both sides of the pedigree of Elsie Moss.
But perhaps the most influential aspect of Elsie Moss is through that legendary broodbitch Pitstock Park. The daughter of Arctic Tiger-Copha Rev was a very fast country performer who would go to stud and produce such household names as Acacia Park and his half brother Brother Fox.
Pitstock Park was in-bred 3x2 to the half brothers Mister Moss (Which Chariot-Elsie Moss) and Miller's Moss (Black Top-Elsie Moss). Copha Rev also carried a cross of Which Chariot to balance her pedigree.
We have already seen how in-bred the great Elsie Moss was, and here we have Pitstock Park in-bred to that same bitch. And best of all, the half brothers Mister Moss and Miller's Moss come into the pedigree on the alternate sex path to further reinforce the impact of Elsie Moss.
Is it any wonder Pitstock Park was such a great producer. She couldn't miss.