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TO watch Wow's performance against Group 1 sprint rivals in The Temlee at The Meadows on Saturday night left one amazed at his tenacity, his chase and strength.

He may have been a tad lucky at box rise when the four went in and the six stayed out giving Wow a clear run to the first turn and put him on the path to his second Group 1 success following his Paws Of Thunder success.
Most were in praise of the fact he is yet another Group 1 star by all conquering Fernando Bale.

But, in such rarefied air as Fernando commands, it is very easy to forget the input of Wow's damline. Great stud dogs are made to look very, very good by mating city winners, Group class bitches, and those with bloodlines that can often dominate the influence of a stud dog.

Wow's dam Miss All Class (Where's Pedro-She's So Pretty by Go Wild Teddy) is one such bitch.
From 31 starts, she won six and one of those was at Wentworth Park, others coming at Bulli and Gosford. Her mother, She's So Pretty, was also a Wentworth Park winner and is also the dam of Oh Watta Nite (by Bond) a Sandown winner and Appin TR holder.

Third dam Osti's Delight (History Lesson-Stunning Osti by Light Of Fire) was a short course speedster but with an incredibly in-bred pedigree. More of that soon.

But, Osti's Delight was given her chance at stud and to champion sire Collision she produced Arthur Ritis a multiple city winner and Group class who went to stud in NZ. It's the same Collision/History Lesson cross as found in Wenty TR holder Shakey Jakey.

This litter also produced Osti's Myth the runner-up in the then G2 Peter Mosman.
Osti's Delight also produced, to Where's Pedro, Sucker Punch a prolific Wenty winner.
Blue Osti (Go Wild Teddy-Osti's Delight), a litter sister to She's So Pretty, was also a multiple Wenty winner.
There are many classy gallopers from this immediate damline.

So, let's analyse the pedigree of Wow and she what "could" have made him a multiple Group winner of the Temlee, Paws and G2 Gosford Gold Cup, as well as the Listed Goulburn Cup, and TR breaker at Gosford.
His littermates Xerri (2nd in the Million Dollar Chase) and Ad Astra (2nd Goulburn Cup, finalist Bulli Gold Cup) make the litter analysis one to be done for sure. All seven of the named progeny in the litter are winners.

It is the pedigree of Wow's dam Miss All Class that needs analysis and what a pedigree it is.
She carries no fewer than FOUR crosses of the Brother Fox/Osti Lee pedigree coming via Gun Law Osti and Paris Match in her sire Where's Pedro, but also via History Lesson and Enchanted Osti in the pedigree of her second dam Osti's Delight.

So, what this does is makes Miss All Class absolutely saturated with the blood of both Brother Fox and the famed broodbitch Osti Lee ... a family that does spectacularly well when reinforced within itself.
Sometimes such a saturation may not necessarily produce itself on the racetrack. Miss All Class was a Wenty winner so she went to stud with better credentials than most. However, she also went to stud so infused with the blood of a dominant female line that she was just about a certainty to succeed.

But, the "trick" in getting her to succeed is not necessarily mating her to stud dogs with lots of her own bloodlines, or duplicating other lines in her own pedigree. These simply get in the way of the Osti Lee saturation dominating the mating Miss All Class has.

I am quite sure the Fernando Bale-Miss All Class mating would have been done simply because Fernando Bale was the great race dog and by then starting to show he was on the way to becoming a fine sire.

But, putting Miss All Class to Fernando Bale did not bring in any of the Osti Lee family in the resultant offspring like Wow, Xerri and Ad Astra. It allowed Miss All Class' dominant pedigree to do its stuff.

It did, however, bring in a 2x23 link between Chloe Allen and She's So Pretty who both are bred on the Light Of Fire/Head Honcho cross and balanced via son and daughter in both instances. You MUST remember that Fernando Bale's very best progeny have just about everything linking their dam's pedigree to the make-up of Chloe Allen.

It is my belief Miss All Class completely dominated the mating to Fernando Bale, but he certainly did put in his ability to lift some of the matings he has to Group 1 status. The Chloe Allen/She's So Pretty link played it's part as well.

The fact Wow is white and brindle, just like his father, will have most believing it is Fernando's dominance that made him so great.

If we look back in his damline, we also find his third dam Osti's Delight was brindle and white. Could that influence have been just as great?

It is also interesting to note that Fernando Bale is the sire of G1 National Sprint winner West On Augie (Fernando Bale-Te Amo by Cosmic Rumble). His dam Te Amo is also bred on a four crosses of the famed Osti Lee family.
Wow will almost certainly get a stud career now that he has won two Group 1s and run a track record and he has not yet turned 3YO.

Bitches by Barcia Bale and those with Primo Uno and Collision in their make-up will be an absolute must for him.