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THERE is an old saying that as much as we change, things stay the same, and it is a saying that is very apt when putting together greyhound pedigrees in the hope of achieving success whether it be just a winner, a city winner or Group star.
Victorian Anthony McVicker has long been a student of successful pedigrees. His study has stood him in good stead.

Late in 2013, Anthony's study led to his very fine race bitch She Ain't Late being put to Group 1 star and record breaking sprinter Knocka Norris.
What it did was recreate the pedigree of Wentworth Park and Richmond track record breaker Punch One Out a daughter of Knocka Norris-Little Egyptian.

The powerful cross in Punch One Out's pedigree was a double of Solve The Puzzle (balanced via son and daughter) and a strong link between the similarly bred Princess Rema and Token Prince (both by Malawi's Prince and from a daughter of Amerigo Man).

Anthony's bitch She Ain't Late just happened to have as her dam Little Bit Shy, a daughter of Solve The Puzzle and out of a bitch by Token Prince. Anthony reasoned that by putting She Ain't Late to Knocka Norris he "might" be able to recreate Punch One Out.

He did much better. He got Unlawful Entry, or at least Brett and Bronte Bravo did. Anthony ended up with litter brother Single Sticka (16 wins, $69,000) a Group 1 Perth Cup finalist and track record breaker.
(Breeders should also look at the pedigree of Albion Park track record breaker Late Angel Lee which is almost identical to that of Unlawful Entry.)

It was Unlawful Entry that would prove the astute pedigree. From 70 starts, he has just retired to stud with the fabulous record of 22 wins, 14 seconds and 12 thirds for $273,000.
I believe Unlawful Entry has EVERYTHING going for him as a stud dog.

Take just a quick look at the number of track record breakers who become champion stud dogs and this one factor gives him a much better chance than most of achieving at his new "job".
Unlawful Entry has THREE track records to his credit including a 28.95 at Sandown, 24.72 at Warrnambool, and 30.31 at Ballarat. That scorching time at Sandown puts him in a special league. The fact he also got 600m successfully makes his chances of stud success even better.

Most will know his success on the track ... Group 1 Hobart Thousand, Group 2 Great Chase. He was Group placed or finalist in just about everything, Topgun, Temlee, Australian Cup, Hobart 1000, Harrison Dawson and Cranbourne Cup.
In his Hobart 1000 victory, champions Above All and Dyna Double One finished unplaced.

So, while Unlawful Entry's stud career hopes start on the right foot with the boast of multiple track records, do his other credentials stack up to make him a dog that breeders should, or must, utilise?
Of course they do!

Unlawful Entry's pedigree shows a "balance" of Solve The Puzzle 4x3 via a son and a daughter. Many, many highly successful stud dogs are bred on a balance of an influential sire. Many champion race dogs who have not had a balanced pedigree have failed at stud.

If I was Brett Bravo seeking to establish Unlawful Entry's stud career, I would endeavour to attract as many Magic Sprite bitches as possible to him. That's because Magic Sprite brings in a DAUGHTER of Spiral Nikita as his mother.
Unlawful Entry's damsire is Late Late Show a SON of Spiral Nikita.

Group 2 winner Magical Yessam is by Magic Sprite from a daughter of Late Late Show.
Group winner Zabdon Ferrari is by Magic Sprite from a daughter of Knocka Norris.
Luckless potential superstar Sulzanti is by Magic Sprite from a daughter of Knocka Norris.

Unlawful Entry has NO Brett Lee, Bombastic Shiraz, Collision, Where's Pedro or Hallucinate, no Wheeler blood ... while full of Aussie blood, Unlawful Entry "could" become a colonial outcross goldmine.
Bombastic Shiraz was mated to Knocka Norris' litter sister to produce Group stars.

Solve The Puzzle's dam Magic Riddle is saturated with the Princess Diro family which is found saturated in Bombastic Shiraz's damline.
Knocka Norris' direct damline is that of Awesome Assassin (sire of Collision) and it is a damline that does well when reinforced within itself.

The direct tail female line of Unlawful Entry runs to a famed foundation bitch in Tapestry. This is the same direct female line of Tangaloa, Tangairn, Nova Surf, Primo Uno, Black Shiraz ... bitches with any of them in their make-up (and which of them aren't) are ideal for Unlawful Entry.

I particularly like bitches by exciting young stud dog Stagger as potential mates for Unlawful Entry. Stagger's damsire is Puzzle Prize who is a litter brother to Knockabout Wok the damsire of Knocka Norris.
Late Late Show, as damsire of Unlawful Entry, will have a great say in his success. His pedigree is saturated with the famed Skipping Chick family. This is a family that does so well when saturated in pedigrees.
This can be picked up everywhere in Australia via Curryhills Fox (damsire of Spiral Nikita) and Curryhill Brute. Premier Fantasy and his son Fear Zafonic are saturated with this family as well.

Late Late Show has done well when linked to Head Bound (Outside Pass), Where's Pedro (top Irish bitch Lemon Velvet), Bekim Bale's litter brother Heston Bale (ill fated top stayer Tuavasa Shek), and Wheeler champ Dyna Lachlan (G1 finalist Miss Sueko).

He has also mixed so well with the Golden Fox female family found in Lochinvar Marlow.
As a broodbitch sire, Knocka Norris has also produced Falcon's Fury (by Fabregas) and Mumma Josie (by Barcia Bale). Daughters of both those stud dogs, especially Fabregas, should suit Unlawful Entry.

Knocka Norris has also done exceptionally when linked with Surf Lorian (proving a super broodbitch sire).
This is just a "touch" of what lines could suit Unlawful Entry. A colonial outcross, he has everything going for him.