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AUSTRALIAN Cup winners are special greyhounds.
St Pierre (Surf Lorian-Paris St Germain) became a multiple Group winner and added further to the Group success of his sire, Queensland-based Surf Lorian, when he burst the High Earner bubble to win the Australian Cup at The Meadows on Saturday night.
Take nothing away from High Earner. He retires (again) the winner of $605,795 with three Group 1s to his credit.
But St Pierre did the job on Saturday night adding the Group 1 victory to his Group 3 NSW St Leger win in 2009. He was also a finalist in the Group 1 National Derby in 2010.
His pedigree is interesting in that when his dam Paris St Germain went to Surf Lorian, her pedigree complimented the pedigree of Surf Lorian to a tee.
Surf Lorian has a very strong male dominated pedigree.
Three of his four male lines run directly to Brother Fox. It took breeders a long time to realise Surf Lorian needed to be mated correctly for him to succeed at stud.
This is his pedigree:

Worth Doing (by Brother Fox)
No Liability
Just The Best
Amerigo Man (by Brother Fox)
Flying Amy
Tenthill Flyer (by Chariot Supreme)
Brother Fox
West Cape
Promises Free
Barrio Fiesta
New Tears
Dee Bee
Supreme Memory

It's easy to see that Brother Fox domination. All three crosses come via SONS. Two of them are via the litter brothers Amerigo Man and West Cape. Surf Lorian's pedigree was brilliantly done, and more than a bit brave to bring in litter brothers so close within a pedigree. It worked exceptionally well for SONS. Almost all of Surf Lorian's brothers could run. The bitches struggled to make a mark.
So when Surf Lorian went to stud, he had to mate bitches that brought back to him different lines to Brother Fox. Achieving that in a Brother Fox dominated world was always going to be tough.
Surf Lorian was a boom young sire when Slater and crew arrived on the scene. But within a couple of years breeders had worked out lines other than those of Brother Fox worked best with Surf Lorian.
Paris St Germain (Bright Ebony-Gold Serenade) was an ideal mate for Surf Lorian.
OK, she did have two crosses of Brother Fox, but significantly one of those came via a daughter (Key Dancer) and he was found along the tail female line to be able to influence. The sex balance this provided was ideal.
Paris St Germain also has a DAUGHTER strain of Brother Fox's half brother Acacia Park within her pedigree to further help with this balancing effect.
The bitch herself was line bred to Shining Chariot 3x3. She needed to mate a stud dog that had a DAUGHTER of Shining Chariot's sire Chariot Supreme within his pedigree. Surf Lorian has just that.
Surf Lorian does exceptionally well when he mates bitches that carry SONS of New Tears in their pedigree. And of course, with such a saturation of Brother Fox, he will always do well with outcross influences just a touch within a pedigree.
Paris St Germain's pedigree shows a multitude of different lines to those within the pedigree of Surf Lorian.