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GRAEME Paterson has been hard at it again recently putting together his statistics for stud dogs in Australia.
Graeme keeps detailed figures for all sires in the country and ranks them on the number of city winners they produce compared to the litters they have sired.
And Graeme's figures again show that Trewly Special is just that a very special stud dog.
From few opportunities, Trewly Special is the leading sire in Australia. He takes just 6.1 pups to get a city winner to clearly lead the way. His own sire, champion Brett Lee, is third at 6.9 pups for every city winner he sires.
It is interesting that overseas stars Flying Penske, Premier Fantasy, Ahane Lad and Spiral Nikita are second, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.
To show just how tough this breeding game is Brett Lee, regarded a stud dog legend, has sired 419 individual city winners. But these have come from 2911 pups born.

The top 15 sires on Graeme's list are:
1 Trewly Special 6.1
2 Flying Penske 6.2
3 Brett Lee 6.9
4 Premier Fantasy 7.2
5 Ahane Lad 7.4
6 Spiral Nikita 7.8
7 Token Prince 8.2
8 Bombastic Shiraz 9.0
9 Big Daddy Cool 9.2
10 Malfoy 9.7
11 Collision 9.7
12 Hallucinate 11.3
13 Vapour Whirl 11.8
14 Go Wild Teddy 11.9
15 Surf Lorian 12.1

Malfoy, cast off to China after getting limited stud opportunities, is leading sire for Group winners compared to pups born. Malfoy gets one Group winner for every 63 pups he sires.
Brett Lee is second on that list with a Group winner every 83.2 pups born.
Trewly Special is fourth with a Group winner every 95 pups born.
If you think those numbers are high, consider that the Number 31 on the list is Elgrando who gets a Group winner from every 1250 pups he sires.