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QUEENSLANDERS would have noticed the victory of Smokin Gonzales (Collide-Double El by Light Of Fire) in the Breeders Classic at Hobart last Thursday night.
He was pretty impressive sweeping to the lead on the home turn past the local star Ella Lucy and running away for an easy victory. His litter sister Botox was never out of trouble finishing unplaced.
Both are trained by Tony Hoyland, a former Queenslander who with wife Nicola, are firmly entrenched in Tasmania these days.
They've been living on the North-West coast at Port Sorell for the past couple of years.
Smokin Gonzales has always shown ability but came back from Victoria to be trained by Hoyland for the Classic series.
The pedigree of Smokin Gonzales is an interesting one.
He is by Collide (Brett Lee-Rumble Spirit) the Adelaide Cup winner who is a half brother to champion stud dog Collision and a litter brother to Ace Hi Rumble who is making a name for himself in Ireland.
Collide has struggled to get numbers of pups on the ground.
His stats show he is a better than average sire having (to the end of June) 467 whelped and 35 of those have won a city race for an average of one city winner every 13.5 pups born. That puts him No. 17 on the list of Australia's stud dogs and higher than Elite State, Where's Pedro, Kiowa Sweet Trey, Pure Octane, Bond, Bit Chili etc etc
Collide has an interesting pedigree, carrying a duplication of champion Brother Fox 3x3 through a son and a daughter, and coming at the top and bottom of his pedigree
He then needs to mate bitches that bring back to him ancestors that are common to both and who appear in the middle of those duplications of Brother Fox.
Double El (Light Of Fire-That's Perfect by Golden Currency) the dam of Smokin Gonzales is line bred 2x3 to the brother and sister Centrefire and Shining Chariot (Chariot Supreme-Shining Light).
So for her to be a success at stud, she needs to mate a stud dog that carries common ancestors that appear around this duplication of Centrefire and Shining Chariot.
Putting Double El to Collide provided the perfect mate for both of them.
You see, Collide has New Tears and Malawi, two stud successes, through the middle of his pedigree, between those Brother Fox duplications.
Double El has New Tears and Malawi's litter brother Buka Sunset around that duplication of Centrefire and Shining Chariot.
In the pedigree of Smokin Gonzales, New Tears is duplicated 4x3 through a daughter (Sobbing Sal) and a son (Light Of Fire), while Malawi comes through his son Malawi's Prince and Buka Sunset comes through his daughter Sonya Blue all perfectly balanced.
This is how the pedigree looks:

Brother Fox
Gun Law Osti
Miss Dusty Lee
Brett Lee
New Tears
Sobbing Sal
Wee Sal
Malawi (Waverly Supreme*-Sabby's Image)
Malawi's Prince
Duchess Marina
Rumble Spirit
Brother Fox
Follow Through
Wave To Mouse
Pretty Short
New Tears
Starfire Lady
Light Of Fire
Chariot Supreme
Shining Light
Double El
Shining Chariot (Chariot Supreme-Shining Light)
Golden Currency
Currency Lass
That's Perfect
Buka Sunset (Wav Supreme*-Sabby's Image)
Sonya Blue
Blue Heidi

It was the recipe for success a Tasmanian Breeders Classic success.