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LOTS of interesting pedigrees to look at from recent racing around the country and in New Zealand.
Scofflaw (Mepunga Blazer-Mepunga Molly by Fernando Bale) took notice when he ran 29.39 at Sandown.

He is the result of a combination of Vic breeder Barry Smith's best two damlines.
But, his pedigree is much more than that.

His sire Mepunga Blazer is line bred to the Wheeler family's famous foundation bitch Gail's Beauty via Lansley Bale and through Indiana Bale (sire of Blazer's 5th mother Mystic Therase).

So, when the Fernando Bale bitch, Mepunga Molly, was mated to Mepunga Blazer, it was a reinforcement of this famous family. Fernando Bale traces directly along his tail female line to Gail's Beauty.

But, that is not the only major factor in the pedigree of Scofflaw.
Brett Lee is significantly placed in the damline of Mepunga Blazer as the sire of his second mother Mepunga Diamond.

But, Scofflaw's fifth mother Benji's Babe (New Tears-Wee Sal) is a litter sister to Brett Lee's dam Sobbing Sal.
Scofflaw's second dam Mepunga Mia is already bred on this Brett Lee/Benji's Babe cross. It's reinforcement through the mating to Mepunga Blazer made it even stronger in Scofflaw's pedigree.

THE Pink Diamond is a fabulous series and racing at Ballarat last Friday was simply amazing.
One interesting pedigree to pop up is that of Hot Scotch (Hooked On Scotch-Zall Good by Stagger).
He was second in the Pink Diamond Maiden Sprinter.

And, he is bred for absolute pace carrying a 5x4 cross of those blistering litter brothers Knockabout Wok and Puzzle Prize and significantly placed to be able to impact with each other.
There are a number of other aspects to the pedigree of Hot Scotch but they are back in his make-up.

Hooked On Scotch has a handful of runners to the track including Queen Of Scotch in SA and she has won three of her four starts to date.
Hooked On Scotch is certainly on his way.

THE Pink Diamond Shortcourse tossed up an interesting winner in Snowy's Sister (Mepunga Blazer-Unmid Bale by Goodesy).

What is interesting about her pedigree is that she is hugely in-bred 2x2 to Barcia Bale and his litter sister Desalle Bale (Go Wild Teddy-Princess Bale) at the top and bottom of the pedigree.

Desalle Bale, of course, is the dam of champion Orson Allen.
UP at Albion Park, Photo Man held off a determined bid by Amron Boy to win the G2 Flying Amy Classic.
He is Aston Dee Bee-Amlin Mystique by El Grand Senor.

Aston Dee Bee is now No 3 nationally and No 2 on the metropolitan sires rankings.
His 19% winners to starters is the highest of the top dozen stud dogs.

Photo Man has an interesting duplication of Fortified Speed back in his pedigree not a cross found in many high class race dogs.

OVER in NZ, that great stayer Know Keeper continued his remarkable run by winning the G1 Silver Collar.
He is Know Class-Know Jinx by Yella Mustard. It is a pedigree full of Aussie bloodlines but stemming from those lines who have been brought to NZ with great success.

His 2nd sire Willy What (Brett Lee-Bronze Medal) is from the same direct damline as Spring Gun, Shakey Jakey, Buck Fever, Bourbski Fever etc.

Know Class' dam Blue Fern is from the Ultra Sleek damline of Qld that was sent to NZ via Bay Wave (3rd dam of Know Class) with great success.

Know Keeper's damsire Yella Mustard is from the famed Chili Berger/Alice Dooley family still dominant in Australia via greats like Good Odds Harada, Feral Franky etc etc etc.

Know Witch, second dam of Know Keeper, carries a mix of the Spanish Dance family and the Multi Special family both of which are still famous in Oz.

Know Keeper's sire and dam were both high class gallopers to Group standard.