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WOW! Just how fast have greyhounds got?
No, that shouldn't be a question, it should be a statement.
First I was gobsmacked last week when Tomac Bale (Dyna Lachlan-Princess Bale) ran 29.20 winning a heat of the Launching Pad at Sandown.
And then Grant Fennelly's bitch Punch One Out (Knocka Norris-Little Egyptian) smashed the track record at Wentworth Park on Saturday night with a 29.27!
Yes, 29.27.
I remember when Queen Lauryn broke the record a few years ago and no one in their right mind would have contemplated the 29.44 she ran could be surpassed.
And her that time has since been eclipsed TWICE!
Noble Pedro (Where's Pedro-Miss Beeslee) ran 29.43 to break the record back in 2011.
It was with a great deal of interest that I looked hard at the pedigree of Punch One Out after she had scorched to 29.27 at Wenty.
For you see, Punch One Out is from exactly the same family as Noble Pedro.
Noble Pedro's dam Miss Beeslee is out of a bitch called She Sprant (Token Prince-Kellbrett Jeanie).
Punch One Out's dam Little Egyptian is out of Racy Princess who is a litter sister to She Sprant.
What I found even more fascinating is that this is the family of that legend of Australian greyhound racing and a Hall of Famer in Macareena.
That daughter of Chief Havoc-Casson won 50 races and ran no fewer than 20 track records no, that is not a mistake. Macareena did run 20 track records.
Macareena was interestingly in-bred 4x4 to the litter sisters Full Blend and Miss Reynella (Sterling-Reynella).
The pedigree of Reynella was interesting as well.
Her sire Drew's Hope was in-bred 3x3 to the sisters Biroora and Dewey Mist (Aquafortis-Dewey Moon), while her dam Riverlea Lass was also in-bred 3x2 to sisters Lady Goodwood and Goodwood Lass (Goodwood-Spinner).
Such intense line-breeding to sisters surely had to make Reynella a pro-potent broodbitch.
Casson, the dam of Macareena, was also in-bred herself to two brothers, Andy and Master Mind.
At stud, the great Macareena produced the superstar Rocket Mac (by Rocket Jet) who was a high class sire and broodbitch sire.
Macareena became the third dam of National Sprint champ Coorparoo Flyer and Annerley Flyer a very fast Queensland dog who is found as the damsire of the great Credibility.
The exceptionally fast bitch Blue Perlita (a 1971 whelp) was in-bred 3x2 to Macareena. At stud Blue Perlita would produce the champion Queenslander Miss Perlita a greyhound of the year and exceptional Gabba performer and broodbitch success.
From this Macareena line, albeit many generations down the track, comes track record breakers Noble Pedro and Punch One Out.
While the second dams of both record breakers are sisters, there are other similarities in their pedigrees.
Noble Pedro, who unfortunately is sterile (so I am told) and has no stud career, is by the great Where's Pedro from a daughter of Collision.
There is a very strong "nick" developing between this pair. While that can often simply be because both stud dogs have many, many offspring available to link with each other, the quality being produced cannot be ignored.
Fancy Dean and his brother Fancy Will (a Paws of Thunder winner) are also from this nick.
Miss Beeslee, dam of Noble Pedro, has 3x3 line breeding to the great speed influence Malawi's Prince.
Interestingly, Punch On Out also carries line breeding to Malawi's Prince but on both sides of her pedigree 5x4 and importantly via a daughter and a son.
But what Punch One Out has that stands out in her pedigree is a 4x2 cross of Solve The Puzzle coming via a son and a daughter.
I have mentioned a few times before that Solve The Puzzle is an enigma for me.
He was a very heavily in-bred dog so it did not surprise me that he did well at stud. In-breeding produces pre-potency in stud dogs. Hybrids very rarely breed true.
But Solve The Puzzle really has struggled to make in-roads as a broodbitch sire until Punch One Out came along, and a smattering of others.
Solve The Puzzle's mother Magic Riddle was in-bred 3x2 to Bowetzel. Solve The Puzzle's sire Light Of Fire had Bowetzel's half sister Shining Light as his second dam.
The pedigree of Punch One Out shows a great reinforcement of Bowetzel and positioned to impact with each other.
It is probably no co-incidence that Bowetzel, a black, is found heavily concentrated in the pedigree of the black bitch Punch One Out.
Punch One Out's sire Knocka Norris is a blue brindle, while her dam Little Egyptian is white and black.
Little Egyptian has no fewer than five crosses of Princess Diro, via her son Bowetzel and daughter Shining Light.
Little Egyptian also carries two crosses of the great Zulu Moss. Knocka Norris, sire of Punch One Out, is heavily line-bred to Miss Lemoss and her brother Riviera Tiger who are significantly out of Riviera Moss a sister to Zulu Moss.
I found it fascinating that Noble Pedro, from the Macareena female family, had his Wentworth Park track record taken from him by Punch One Out who is also from the same family.
TOMAC Bale's 29.20 was something to watch, wasn't it.
But his pedigree is also fascinating.
His sire Dyna Lachlan is out of Benden Flex who is in-bred to the famous Wheeler foundation bitch Gail's Beauty, herself in-bred 2x2 to Top Linen and his half sister Tassin (both out of Brenda Gay).
Princess Bale, dam of Tomac Bale, traces directly to a bitch called Namor Star. Paul Wheeler calls this "the Steelflex family" referring to the National Derby winner.
Namor Star is not related to Gail's Beauty but she too is in-bred Brenda's Daughter and her brother Top Linen the same blood found intensely in the pedigree of Gail's Beauty.
Brenda's Daughter and Top Linen are significantly found 3x4 in the pedigree of none other than the legend Temlee.
Namor's Star's daughter Bumper Star was mated to Temlee and it produced a number of high quality gallopers, but significantly also produced Gleefullee fourth dam of Dyna Tron and fifth dam of Tomac Bale.