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Primo Uno




WHEN Sennachie burst onto the racetrack back in 2019, he heralded a duplication of Primo Uno in his pedigree, a 3x4 cross but positioned to greatly impact with each other.

Primo Uno (Black Shiraz-Prima Portrait) is of course the former star sprinter who proved himself at stud as a high class sire. And, today he is also proving to be a dog broodbitch owners can duplicate within a pedigree with great confidence.
And why wouldn't he be!

Primo Uno is from the famous "Portrait" family that traces to such luminaries as Delbain Babe etc. It is a family that does spectacularly well when reinforced within itself. Just take a look at the pedigree of Shimaguni.
Fernando Bale (sire of Sennachie) has Primo Uno sitting strategically as his damsire and thus able to impact greatly upon whatever matings he has.

And, this is proving to be a theme that stands the test of time already in Fernando's brief but wonderful career at stud.
Take a few recent examples.

Ballarat TR breaker Silver Lake (Fernando Bale-Hot Charmole) is bred on the Fernando/Barcia Bale cross, but also has a 3x3 of Primo Uno.
Last Saturday night's Vince Curry Maiden winner at Ipswich, Rumble Ranger (Fernando Basle-Joyce Rumble) is also bred on a 3x3 of Primo Uno in exactly the same position as Silver Lake.
Breeders should take note, both are males. The positioning of Primo Uno where he is in their pedigree allows for a male dominance.

By contrast, this week's G2 Launceston Cup finalist Goodnight Vicki (Fernando Bale-Ainsley Bale) is also bred on a 3x3 of Primo Uno but balanced via daughter and son ... and thus allowing both male and female success in the litter.

Goodnight Vicki's pedigree is the same cross of Fernando Bale over a daughter of Turanza Bale found in G1 Sandown Cup winner Bronski Beat now racing with great success in NZ.
The strength of this mating is that Chloe Allen (dam of Fernando Bale) and Turanza Bale are virtually sister and brother. They are both by Primo Uno, their dams both carry Head Honcho and they both trace to the Wheeler family's famed foundation bitch Gail's Beauty.

Another interesting Fernando Bale pedigree involves last week's Sandown 29.38 winner Kingfisher Rose. His dam Dash Of Rose is by Cosmic Chief who also comes from the famed Portrait family.
But, Kingfisher Rose's 2nd dam is by Talk's Cheap. G1 star Hasten Slowly is by Fernando Bale from a daughter of Talk's Cheap.

As an aside, last week's Garrards Gold Cup winner and South Australian GOTY Sir Truculent (Worm Burner-Establish) is also in-bred 3x3 to Primo Uno along the direct damline on both sides of his pedigree.
Worm Burner and Fernando Bale are very closely bred.

YET another interesting aspect of pedigrees is the emergence of Aston Dee Bee as a stud success. It was always going to happen despite all those who wanted to "death ride" him when his first pups hit the racetrack.
From those early stars it is emerging he is doing exceptionally well when he mates bitches that carry another cross of Bombastic Shiraz in their pedigree. This is how the littermates, G1 winners Zipping Sapporo and Zipping Moose are bred, their dam being by Bombastic Shiraz's son Bit Chili.

This is the cross also found in Irene's A Star (Aston Dee Bee-Starlight Jill) a finalist in the Ballarat Oaks.
Glen Abbey Jill, second dam of Irene's A Star, is also by Bit Chili and from the Hallinan damline which boasts My Bro Fabio. Glen Abbey Jill carries a saturation of the famous damline that boasts recent greats as Born Ali.