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RENALD Attard has been around dogs long enough to know when he's got a good one.
Renald reckons Track Torque is good.

Breeder Ray Grezlo reckoned he had a good dog in the son of Whisky Assassin-Our Girl Michelle as well, but as can sometimes happen when farm bills pile up and pups need to be sold, Ray accepted an offer for the then 12 month old pup from a syndicate of first-time owners.

That old saying of "it's better to sell and lament, then to keep and lament" does not apply to Ray Grezlo these days specially when he sees Track Torque winning and showing huge potential. Ray has been putting his head into the stud books, or should that be in front of the computer, designing pedigrees and he's proving himself a quick learner ... at least in the case of Track Torque.

Ray has been picking up broodbitches from owners for the past few years and breeding them commercially. Our Ginger Girl was a pretty handy bitch, possessed of brilliant early pace, when racing for Peter Boland and his family. She was a finalist in the Group 2 Qld Futurity behind M'Lady's Fool in 2002.

In 2003 she whelped a litter to Go Wild Teddy. It did little. In 2004 she went to Stately Bird. Again little. By 2006 when Our Ginger Girl went to Harvey Bale she was pretty much on her last legs as a broodbitch. One of that litter raced as Kind Heart and after going to Macau he became a high class sprinter there.

Wow! I can hear you all say.

OK, Macau form might not be the best in the world, but the relative success of Kind Heart did give Ray Grezlo some indication of just how Our Ginger Girl should be bred to achieve more success than she had been able to produce prior to this.

In August 2008, Our Ginger Girl, by this time rising nine years old, whelped a litter to Whisky Assassin. Ray Grezlo had done his homework and done it well. He was probably pretty brave selecting Whisky Assassin. The former champion galloper has been a good sire without setting the world alight. He has the unfortunate factor within his pedigree of carrying Captain Standby as his damsire. That has proven a pretty big hurdle for Whisky.

The damsire of any stud dog is a huge influence upon its chances of success. Having Captain Standby, while a pretty smart dog in his own right but a moderate success at stud to be kind to him, as his damsire was always going to make Whisky's job a tough one and that's how it has turned out.

The litter Ray Grezlo bred, however, carried a number of interesting duplications and line breeding to one of the Wheeler family's most prolific matrons, the champion bitch Mercia Bale. Kind Heart also carried the same line breeding on direct tail female line to Mercia Bale.

But with Whisky Assassin, Our Ginger Girl brought in a duplication and sex balance to New Tears 4x3 (through his son Light Of Fire, and daughter Amy Michelle). It also duplicated the import Grove Whisper* 5x5 again sex balancing it through his son Captain Standby and daughter Sarah Grove.

Paul Wheeler has had no hesitation in duplicating Grove Whisper*. Wheeler's star staying dog Headley Bale (by Bond) is bred with this duplication.

But add to this a 5x4 duplication and sex balance to Eaglehawk Star, and of course the tail female line running 4x4 to the litter sisters Red Fire Bale and Sarah Bale, and Ray Grezlo produced for himself a litter that gave Our Ginger Girl the opportunity to show what she could produce.

Track Torque is that dog. That saturation of influential duplications overcame the influence of Captain Standby. Track Torque, being a male, has Big Ginger Boy as his most dominant ancestor. Unfortunately for Ray Grezlo, he sold the pup. But he now has the satisfaction that Track Torque could develop into something special with maturity and further racing.

New Tears
Light Of Fire
Awesome Assassin
Acacia Ablaze
Tranquil Flame
Placid Dove (by Eaglehawk Star)
Whisky Assassin
Grove Whisper*
Captain Standby
Bay City Roller
Princess Whisky
Amerigo Man
Cayenne Bale
Red Fire Bale (World Acclaim-Mercia Bale)
Eaglehawk Star
Rinaldi Lass
Big Ginger Boy
Buka Sunset
Dark Horizon
Sarah's Sanction
Our Ginger Girl
Pretty Short
New Tears
Starfire Lady
Amy Michelle
Grove Whisper*
Sarah Grove
Sarah Bale (World Acclaim-Mercia Bale)