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A 29.64 around Sandown these days, in the days of Iso Octane's 29.29, is still a pretty hot gallop.
Petal Rose (Bombastic Shiraz-Hall's Turbo) scorched to a 29.64 mark recently and added to the success of a litter already making a name for itself.
Petal Rose is a litter brother to Shredded Cheese who, from the Jason Thompson kennel, has been chasing some of the rich Group races about the country of late and showing his worth.
The mating of Hall's Turbo to Bombastic Shiraz continues a theme of pedigree success that started from the moment the “Triple Crown” winner Bombastic Shiraz went to stud.
Some stud dogs are in the “right place at the right time” and Bombastic Shiraz is certainly one of those. Champion Queensland sire Credibility was another. When he went to stud carrying star sire Pretty Short in his damline, he was the perfect option for the myriad of broodbitches about that had Pretty Short, or his sons New Tears and Pretty Fearless, just waiting for him … waiting to help him succeed.
Bombastic Shiraz is exactly the same.
His dam Bombastic Blonde is heavily in-bred to the famous broodbitch Princess Diro. When Bombastic Shiraz retired to stud, there waiting for him was a myriad of broodbitches that carried Awesome Assassin, his sire Light Of Fire, and of course Malawi's Prince.
Light Of Fire's dam Centrefire is a sister to Shining Chariot. Both are out of Shining Light (a daughter of Princess Diro).
Petal Rose and his brother Shredded Cheese are bred on this cross. Their dam Hall's Turbo is a daughter of Light Of Fire, but even more interesting is the fact her damsire is Awesome McLaren, a son of Malawi's Prince.
When Malawi's Prince is duplicated in the offspring of Bombastic Shiraz it produces speed … blistering speed. Check out his best progeny. Many of them are strong stayers. His sprinters tend to be dour, the come-from-behind types who storm over their rivals.
But duplicate Malawi's Prince in the pedigree of Bombastic Shiraz offspring and it introduces speed. Look at the pace of dogs like Lord Ducal, Super Hornet and now Petal Rose and Shredded Cheese, among others bred on this theme.
But the duplication and sex balance 3x4 of Malawi's Prince is not the only genetic goodies contained in the pedigree of Petal Rose and Shredded Cheese.
The mating brings in an important added strain of Princess Diro, through her granddaughter Centrefire, in the sireline of Hall's Turbo.
A large percentage of the best progeny of Bombastic Shiraz are bred on this common theme, and many, many of his city winning offspring are as well.
Names like Flashing Floods, Sky Hazard, Miss Slick, Prankster, Gold Slammer, Lochinvar Vogue and her brother Lochinvar Marlow, Coulta Bomber, Jedd Lion, Super Hornet, Nimbastic, Lend Us Fifty etc etc are all bred on this cross.
Cindeen Shelby, Snozz and Nitro Burst are also bred this way to a similar degree but in a slightly different pattern.
While a specific pedigree pattern can work to help racetrack performances, it should always be remembered it is best to originally start with individuals that can achieve this success in their offspring.
Hall's Turbo won 18 races and flitted about the country is search of success. Initially she started racing in lowly Cairns, then headed to Darwin. Hardly the stuff of a high class broodbitch.
But in a stint racing in South Australia, she showed her class by winning three times at Angle Park.
She is from the Another Fool damline that is so prominent in Queensland and is responsible for such recent stars as Surgeon (Primo Uno-Bella's Angel by Ultimate Wish) the Melbourne Cup winner.
Iron Force (Surf Lorian-Token's Spark by Token Prince) is another example of this damline working. A few weeks ago he downed his litter sister Freaky Force to win the Group 2 Ipswich Auction final.
Hall's Turbo had already produced the smart Hot Price (by Bond) from her first litter and he has been a Group finalist a couple of times.
The mating of Bond-Hall's Turbo “almost” got it right.
Bond needs to be mated in a special way for him to succeed at stud. Few broodbitch owners would be aware of this, or even go looking for such a special formula.
He needs a reinforcement of the lines of New Tears and Chariot Supreme, but he especially needs more Whisper Wishes or his sire Sand Man. Hot Price got two of the four, probably why he was just a shade off being a really high class galloper.
A return of Grove Whisper*, Whisper Wishes or Sand Man in the bitches Bond mates is almost vital.
 Just check out the pedigree of Mr Metz, and specially the pedigree of Headley Bale.

Black Shiraz
Dark Horizon
Bombastic Shiraz
Malawi's Prince (dam by Bowetzel a son of Princess Diro)
Bombastic Blonde
Blonde Bombshell (by Shining Chariot, grandson of Princess Diro)
New Tears
Light Of Fire
Centrefire (sister to Shining Chariot)
Hall's Turbo
Awesome McLaren (by Malawi's Prince)
Flaming Awesome
Flaming Fool