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PERFECT Match was a winning recipe as a TV show some years ago, and greyhound breeders always reckon they've cottoned on to a perfect match every time they breed a litter.
Just what is behind some pedigree choices is known only to those who make the match.
Some however, are obvious. Only the racetrack can prove if anyone is right with their pedigree choice. So I for one will be interested when it comes time to test at the ultimate time some of the matings that have been done lately and are included on Page 39 in the latest list of whelpings in Queensland.
As an exercise in "just what might be", I looked through the matings of the 28 litters that appear in those list of whelpings, and some really stood out.
First and foremost was the Made To Size-Classy Dresser mating Di Hannon did and which presented her with two dogs and four bitches on October 18. Classy Dresser is Di's former prolific Albion Park winner and never a nicer type has raced at the track. She was outstanding.
Di deserves a medal for bravery. In this day and age when those with an inclination for such things are forever ramming down our throats the "need for an outcross", Di is a beacon for the linebreeding theorists.
This is how the pedigree appears:

Just The Best
Surf Lorian
Barrio Fiesta
Made To Size
Deep North (Worth Reward-Brute Girl)
Queen Size
Ultra Queen
Awesome Assassin
Rumble Spirit
Classy Dresser
Just The Best
Smooth Syrah
Kalka Kate (Worthy Reward-Brute Girl)

Thus Di has duplicated the brother and sister Deep North and Kalka Kate, and also duplicated (and sex balanced) 3x3 the champion sire Just The Best.
In fact, Albion Park track record holder and Group 1 winner Made To Size and the Group 1 placegetter and Group 3 winner Smooth Syrah are bred on the same Just The Best/Worthy Reward-Brute Girl cross.
The position of Just The Best in the pups' pedigree is a strong one. Token Prince, Worth Doing and Gun Law Osti are bred on exactly the same 3x3 duplication but to other sires, Token Prince to Waverly Supreme*, Worth Doing and Gun Law Osti to Temlee.
Bringing in the brother and sister combination of Deep North and Kalka Kate 3x3 is very powerful within this mating.
I'd be interested to know if Di ended up with a brindle bitch from the mating. That would do me!
If Di was making a statement with her Made To Size-Classy Dresser mating, then Terry Hines must have been hiding in a cupboard when she was planning the mating.
Terry has just whelped a litter of Made To Size-Smooth Lass pups, three bitches on October 15.
Smooth Lass (by Terry's champion Whisky Assassin) is also out of Di's former star galloper and top broodbitch Smooth Syrah. Whisky Assassin, like Collision (sire of Classy Dresser), is a son of Awesome Assassin.
Dallas Beckett has been producing quality greyhounds in the north of the state for a long time now. His speedster go princess was outstanding winning a Rocky Cup and Futurity and 28 races.
Dallas is the proud "father" of five dogs and three bitches by Big Daddy Cool-Go Princess, whelped on October 13.
This is how the pedigree looks:

Just The Best
Flying Amy
Big Daddy Cool
New Tears
Sobbing Sal
Wee Sal
Head Honcho
Go Wild Teddy
Web Of Silence
Go Princess
Hanson Diamond
Hanson Pip
Greenpark Misty*

What's so great about that? I hear you ask.
Dallas has achieved some outstanding nicks and crosses, duplications and balances. In fact, Sobbing Sal (the Tweed Galaxy winner and dam of Big Daddy Cool and Brett Lee) and Hanson Diamond are virtual brother and sister.
Sobbing Sal is by New Tears and her third dam is Wandering Cloud (through Wee Sal and I'm Blessed). Hanson Diamond is by Hua a grandson of Wandering Cloud (through her daughter Wanzel) and he is out of Hanson Snow whose dam Treb Lass is a sister to New Tears. Sobbing Sal and Hanson Diamond are bred on the reverse cross.
Duplicating ancestors that are so closely bred, can be a very powerful tool. Sobbing Sal comes through a son (Big Daddy Cool) and Hanson Diamond comes through a daughter (Hanson Pip).
Add to that the cross of the litter brothers Amerigo Man (through his daughter Flying Amy in Big Daddy Cool's sireline) and Walkabout Sid (through his son Head Honcho in Go Princess' sireline).
Just The Best and Go Wild Teddy have a "nick" of sorts happening.
The Mackenzie-Ross family has never failed to come up with a handy dog, or two, over the many years they have been in the industry.
They did that when Citi Heritage (Go Wild Teddy-Raven Poldar) was racing a few years ago. The bitch won 22 races and 11 of those were at Albion Park. She could get 600m and she also carries strength in her damline. Second dam Raven Kelly was a high class stayer.
Citi Heritage is another of those bred on the duplication of the litter brothers Malawi and Buka Sunset (Waverly Supreme*-Sabby's Image) to achieve considerable success. Bombastic Shiraz is also bred on this cross. So when Citi Heritage whelped one dog and three bitches on October 28 to her mating to the National Sprint champion and promising young sire Bit Chili. The fact Bit Chili is a son of Bombastic Shiraz, bred on the same Malawi-Buka Sunset duplication as Citi Heritage, is an interesting mating.
The first duplication in this pedigree is that of Malawi's Prince 4x4 coming through two daughters (Bombastic Blonde and Web Of Silence respectively). Duplicating Malawi's Prince, the dominant broodbitch sire, is proving its worth more and more. High Earner is bred on the duplication 3x3. Close up the Malawi's Prince duplication appears to produce blistering pace. Sometimes it can be fatal for pups trying to get a strong 520m. It appears 4x4 in the Bit chili-Citi Heritage mating and Citi Heritage carries Malawi's prince on her dominant line. That dog pup in the litter might well be worth look at.
This is how the mating appears:

Black Shiraz (out of Dark Horizon a daughter of Buka Sunset)
Bombastic Shiraz
Bombastic Blonde (by Malawi's Prince by Malawi)
Bit Chili
Elle's Commando
Chili Berger
Alice Dooley
Head Honcho
Go Wild Teddy
Web Of Silence (by Malawi's Prince by Malawi)
Citi Heritage
Moral Standards*
Raven Poldar
Raven Kelly (by Buka Sunset)

These pups are also bred on the same cross that produced Primo Uno. He is by Black Shiraz from a Moral Standards* bitch who carried Walkabout Sid as well. Keep that dog pup Ian... keep that dog!
Another interesting mating is that by train A Journey to Italian Bella the damline made famous by likeable Gerry Crisci and his star galloper Vesuvio. It's the damline of champion Trojan Tears made famous by Helen and Michael Ivers.
 Italian Bella was no superstar, but she could gallop and chased home Dashing Corsair and Rattle And Hum in an Albion Park graded final when the National Sprint champ ran 30.13. The mating to Train A Journey has some excellent nicks and crosses happening.
This is how it appears:

Black Shiraz (to Buka Sunset)
Primo Uno
Prima Portrait
Train A Journey
Golden Currency
Currency Tears (by Shining Chariot)
Mepunga Tears (by New Tears)
Awesome Assassin (to Centrefire)
Whisky Assassin
Princess Whisky
Italian Bella
Malawi's Prince (by Malawi)
Italian Princess
Mamba's Back (to New Tears)

While the first three removes of this pedigree are all new faces, beyond that is some subtle duplications that will certainly help the mating. Malawi and his litter brother Buka Sunset are crossed. As we said before, this is the strong influence in the pedigree of champion galloper and top sire Bombastic Shiraz.
Add to that there is a duplication through two daughters of New Tears on the direct tail female line of both train A Journey and Italian Bella.
And to top off those is the famous nick between Shining Chariot (in the damline of Train A Journey) and his sister Centrefire (the dam of Light Of Fire). This is one of the most powerful nicks in Australian greyhound racing, although it could be doubtful the Centrefire influence will be strong where it is in the pedigree of Italian Bella.
BUT, Italian Bella also carries a cross of Bowetzel in her female line. He is a half brother to Shining Light the dam of both Shining Chariot and Centrefire. The mating will get the Princess Diro influence from there. It would be interesting to see Italian Bella mated to Bombastic Shiraz or one of his sons. Another interesting mating for this bitch could be to Over Flo to duplicate the sisters Head Turner and Trojan Tears.
Which brings us to the mating of El Galo-Group Hiflyer. The dam is a daughter of Larkhill Jo-Group Special and was imported from Ireland after winning a small feature race over distance. She never got to show her ability in just one race start in Australia.
El Galo showed his blistering pace throughout the country. Group Hiflyer was a dour stayer. It seems an obvious mix, to instill some much needed pace into the progeny of Group Hiflyer.
In fact, it has been an inspired mating. El Galo has a real stud dog's pedigree. He carries Brother Fox 4x4r top and bottom of his pedigree. With that influence, he must mate bitches that will duplicate the influences that come through the middle of his own pedigree for him to be a success.
Ideally this will be through Malawi's Prince or his sire Malawi (Bombastic Shiraz bitches will be ideal for El Galo). Putting Group Hiflyer to El Galo brings in a duplication of the litter brothers Curryhill brute and Skelligs Tiger (Bold Work-Lemon Soda). The duplication of Skelligs Tiger and the other litter brother Curryhills Fox, and their famous dam Lemon Soda with other members of the Skipping Chick, Ballinderry Moth etc damline is a proven recipe for success in Ireland.
El Galo to Group Hifyler brings in this Curryhill Brute/Skelligs Tiger cross and it will certainly influence the pups from this mating for speed. Add to that the fact Brett Lee has crossed extremely well in Ireland with Larkhill Jo bitches and you have pups worthy buying.
This is how the mating appears:

Brett Lee
Where's Pedro
Elusive Rebel
El Galo
Malawi's Prince
Roxy Reason
Staplers Jo
Larkhill Jo
Westmead Flight
Group Hiflyer
Vintage Prince
Group Special
Seanard Sunset

Champagne Beauty was an outstanding galloper for Mary Mifsud during a long career. She won a South-east Qld Cup at the Gold Coast and had a 30.15 win around Albion Park among her numerous wins.
The Mifsuds have four dogs and a bitch from a whelping by Champagne Beauty to Where's Pedro on October 23. It is a pedigree of such close in-breeding.
This is how it appears:

Gun Law Osti (by Brother Fox)
Brett Lee
Sobbing Sal (New Tears-Wee Sal)
Where's Pedro
Elusive Rebel
Secret Bride
Head Honcho (by Walkabout Sid by Brother Fox)
No Intent
Hot Show Deb (New Tears-Wee Sal)
Champagne Beauty
Best Of Blue
Apricot Chiffon
Clever Vixen (by Brother Fox)

The 4x4 duplication and sex balance of Brother Fox is in the same position in this pedigree as it is in the pedigree of El Galo. Champagne Beauty's pedigree shows Brother Fox duplicated (and sex balanced) 4x3 top and bottom. For her to be a success at stud she needs a duplication of those ancestors in the middle of these duplications of Brother Fox. The Mifsuds have done this by putting her to Where's Pedro and combining the litter sisters Sobbing Sal and Hot Show Deb.
Duplicating Wee Sal within a pedigree is already working successfully. Group winner Andy Palmer is the perfect example. I'm certain Brett Lee and Big Daddy Cool will become a great nick when they get further into pedigrees within years to come.
My concern with this mating is that there might be a shade too much fast twitch fibre. Champagne Beauty was a noted speedster. Where's Pedro is noted as a sire of speed. Combining Brett Lee and his almost full brother No Intent so closely might be overdoing it. One thing is for certain ... the pups from this mating should be able to fly!
Other interesting matings among the whelpings this month are:
Made To Size-Too Classy. The former very speedy race bitch is by Collision-Classy Angel. This mating duplicates National Queen and sex balances New Tears. Unfortunately the mating produced just one bitch pup for Rachel Scott. I would love to see Too Classy mated to a dog like Aston Trivett (Bond-Miss Spicy) the Maturity winner and one of Melbourne's best sprinters.
This mating would bring in a 3x3 cross of Thai Magic and her brother Ultra Desire (mixing this pair has already worked) and it would bring in a cross Tenthill Flyer with Classy Marcy who is bred on an identical cross.
The Bombastic Shiraz-Four Way Dream mating produced three dogs and three bitches for the Drivers in Bundaberg. Bombastic Blonde (dam of Bombastic Shiraz) and Four Way Fire (dam of Four Way Dream) are bred on the same Malawi's Prince/Shining Chariot or Centrefire cross. The duplication and sex balance to Malawi's prince is in a good position in this mating.
Swelligant has already produced an outstanding litter to Where's Pedro which includes Big Baz and Blue Storm Miss so it was a "no brainer" to put her to Where's Pedro's best son El Galo when he retired to stud recently.
The mating returned four dogs and five bitches for Dave Robartson and Graeme Greensill on November 3.
As we said before, El Galo's dominant ancestor is Malawi's Prince. By duplicating and sex balancing him 3x4 in the El Galo-Swelligant mating, it fulfills the criteria for El Galo to become a success at stud. This mating also duplicates and sex balances New Tears 5x4.
Swelligant is a magnificent looking bitch. She will counter the stocky look of El Galo. It's a mating that looks certain to breed future stars.
Which brings us to the Paddy's Flame-Black Guarana mating which produced two dogs and five bitches for the Teamplay Syndicate on October 30.
The dam had plenty of ability and stems from the Genuine Replica damline which has produced so many great gallopers including Bond.
Black Guarana carries the nick between Shining Chariot and his sister Centrefire 3x3 and through the middle of her pedigree. To help her succeed at stud, she needs to mate a stud dog that carries an ancestor around the pairing of Shining Chariot and Centrefire.
The Teamplay Syndicate have done this nicely by putting her to Paddy's Flame. The duplication of this mating is Light Of Fire and he comes in 4x3 sex balanced as well.
Paddy's Flame is by the Irish stud dog success Larkhill Jo who unfortunately has not made a great influence from the frozen straws that have landed in Australia. But there was no doubting his ability. He's also from the Floodgate damline.
Often those dominant damlines don't allow sons to become stud successes. Paul Wheeler's damline has never produced a dominant stud dog, now did the Dennis Reid damline of Travelling Girl despite New Fox getting his chances and producing the champion Mint Magic.
Black Guarana, or one of her daughters, might also make an ideal mate for a dog like Aston Trivett in the not too distant future.


Perfect Match