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Our Seabrook




WOW! Racing around Oz in the past few days has been busy with Group and feature races run on both sides of the country.

Over in WA, Linda Britton's home bred Our Seabrook (Fernando Bale-Shared Equity) landed the Mandurah Oaks.
Pay Call (Moreira-Mrs Thursday) landed the G3 Ladies Bracelet.

But, pedigree-wise there are interesting bloodlines to be studied behind recent winners Vesper Bale (Dyna Double One-Samus Allen), Langfield Bale (Dyna Villa-Dyna Maddie) and the placegetters in the Oaks at Mandurah in Sunset Piper (Cosmic Rumble-Sunset Gucci) and Teleport Tilly (Thirty Talks-Esa Bee).
Let's look at them all.

I've written many, many times about how Fernando Bale "generally" produces his best offspring when they are in-bred to the bloodlines contained in his mother Chloe Allen.
This is exactly how Our Seabrook has been produced.

For those interested, do a pedigree match on Chloe Allen and West On Bluebird the second dam of Our Seabrook and you will be amazed at how they are bred along identical lines.

They both come from the Black Shiraz sireline, they both have Awesome Assassin along their direct damline, and in this case they also bring in the brothers Walkabout Sid and West Cape. AND, significantly they also have crosses of the Gail's Beauty damline.

I remember talking to a leading Victorian breeder/trainer some time ago about Fernando's progeny. He could not understand why Fernando could toss up poor litters but still be champion sire of his time.
My response was that EVERYONE with a broodbitch wants to mate her to Fernando Bale no matter how good or poor the mating would be. Legend stallions like Danehill could produce offspring that could not win a maiden in country Queensland.

That will always be the same for any stud dog no matter how great.
But, with Fernando the common theme among most of his best progeny is that saturation of the bloodlines of his mother. It works and in Our Seabrook has provided an Oaks winner.

VESPER Bale has been putting together an impressive record of wins at both Melbourne city tracks and now up at Albion Park.

He has an intense pedigree which does not surprise because a number of the best progeny by his sire Dyna Double One are just that. His best son, Dyna Chancer, has a pedigree so intense I'm surprised Paul Wheeler actually undertook the mating.

Vesper Bale, and his Group 1 class littermates Uthor Bale and Xabil Bale, are in-bred 3x3 to littermates Princess Bale and Bartrim Bale. They also are line bred 5x5 to Luana Bale via half sisters. BUT, this litter contains no fewer than six different lines running directly to Gail's Beauty.

BARCIA Bale is proving to be a phenomenon broodbitch sire and it is way early in his stud career for this to be so obvious.

Langfield Bale is yet another example of the Wheeler kennel utilising their own bloodlines to produce city winning success.

He is by Dyna Villa from a daughter of Barcia Bale and the litter has been more than handy.
Langfield Bale's dam Dyna Maddie is line bred to the Gail's Beauty family and this is reinforced through Dyna Villa whose direct damline is also that of Gail's Beauty.

MANDURAH Oaks runner-up Sunset Piper is a classy bitch and she is bred on a 2x3 of the famous half relations Spiritual Rumble and Collision.

This is a cross that has provided "mixed" results in the past but can be expected to be dominant in the future as it gets back into pedigrees.

Oaks third placegetter Teleport Tilly has an incredibly in-bred pedigree.
She is 3x3 and balanced to Bombastic Shiraz.
She is 4x5 and balanced to Just The Best.
She is 3x4 to the famous half brothers Brett Lee and Big Daddy Cool.

Interesting, her second dam Dashandy Black is line bred to littermates that were incestuously in-bred.
LADIES Bracelet winner Pay Call has a pedigree surrounded by wonderful influences.

She is bred on the highly proven combination of Collision, Where's Pedro and Bombastic Shiraz (G1 star Mister Twister bred this way), is from the famed Genuine Replica family proving itself further via the stud exploits of Zambora Brockie and Ritza Lenny, and she has a smattering of outcross lines via Kinloch Brae and Spiral Nikita.

Pay Call's mother Mrs Thursday was going to be anything as a stayer but broke down young and never got to win the big ones.

At stud, she has always suggested she could be a Group producing dam.