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MR Metz proved once again he is far and away the best offspring sired by Bond when he sped throughout to win last week's Group 3 Townsville Cup.
The Townsville Cup?
While owner Bill Crooks and trainer Ron Ball rightly had their sights set firmly upon the National Sprint series with Mr Metz (Bond-Iza Tora by Yo Yo's Boy), a hiccup in the Queensland heats changed their focus to Townsville.
The ill-fated Happy Clown speared off the Albion Park track at the first turn and put paid to Mr Metz's National Sprint hopes.
Townsville was always going to be a simple task for such a high quality, and high speed sprinter as Mr Metz.
The Group 3 victory added to his already imposing career.
It followed wins in the Group 3 Dapto Maiden Classic, Group 1 Brisbane Cup, Group 2 Dapto Megastar and victories in the prestigious Michael Miller Memorial and Capalaba Cup up the straight.
In fact, his record by the time he'd won in Townsville was 16 wins from 25 starts.
Crooks and Ball know only too well their star sprinter has lost almost 12 months of his racing career through first a hock injury, then pin, then liver stress, and then hip support injuries.
Mr Metz's multiple Group success easily makes him the best of Bond's progeny.
Much was expected of Bond (Brett Lee-Thai Magic by Grove Whisper*) when he went to stud. He'd run the Sandown track record when wining the four-dog Shootout.
Broodbitch rushed to him, expecting Bond's natural speed to impart Group winning success on his progeny.
It didn't come with enough regularity to make him a “great” stud dog. He does show a propensity to get offspring that run on these days, even though Mr Metz is purely a high speed dog.
Bond has a special pedigree in that he carries a duplication of Brother Fox 3x3 at the top and bottom of his pedigree. Like all stud dogs, his damsire Grove Whisper* is an extremely important ancestor in his make-up and his chances at stud success.
Token Prince was another bred on this 3x3, top and bottom duplication of a common and dominant ancestor, in his case to Waverly Supreme*.
Worth Doing (to Temlee) was another bred on this theme. There are many, many other examples.
For those stud dogs to become a success, they needed to mate broodbitches that brought back common and dominant ancestors that appear in BETWEEN their duplicated ancestor.
Token Prince and Worth Doing are perfect examples of this.
In Bond's case, those ancestors he needed to pick up were Grove Whisper* (or his sire Whisper Wishes, or grandsire Sand Man), New Tears (or his sire Pretty Short etc) and maybe even the likes of Wee Sal, Grove Road, Chariot Supreme etc.
Many breeders would be reluctant to duplicate Grove Whisper* within a pedigree, even though Paul Wheeler has done so with success.
When the mating of Bond and Iza Tora was being put together, it brought together two of the most important ingredients needed for Bond to produce at stud.
The pedigree of Mr Metz includes a 4x5 duplication and sex balance to English Derby winner and champion sire Whisper Wishes, via his son Grove Whisper and daughter Westmead Move. This was an extremely interesting aspect of the Bond-Iza Tora mating, coming in a position on both sides of the mating to impact the resultant offspring.
Add to that, Iza Tora also carried an important DAUGHTER of Pretty Short, and significantly, a daughter of Pretty Short's litter brother Dark Pretender, in her pedigree.
You will remember, New Tears, or his sire Pretty Short, is an important ancestor needed to help Bond success at stud.
Iza Tora's sire Yo Yo's Boy is line bred to the brothers Pretty Short and Dark Pretender through daughters.
So Mr Metz's pedigree has all the attributes needed for success. All the pups had to do was be reared right, trained right and stay sound.
Pedigree is just one aspect that goes into making a great dog.
Iza Tora is also from a better than handy damline. Tentora, second dam of Mr Metz, was a track record breaker and a litter sister to the fine broodbitch Cyclone Kelly who in turn is the dam of champion producer Cyclone Chrissy.
This is also the damline of Return The King (by Bond's sire Brett Lee), Star Beyond Time, She Cuddles, Sydney Tiger and the ever consistent Mighty Albert.
Reg and Noela Hazelgrove have had the time of their lives with the progeny of Cyclone Kelly and more recently her daughter Cyclone Chrissy and will continue to do so with their daughters, and granddaughters like Whirly Storm etc.
Mr Metz wasn't the only classy galloper from the Bond-Iza Tora mating. It's A She ran 30.47 during the Vince Curry Maiden series at Ipswich in 2009 but ended up in Tasmania and finally Victoria without reaching the heights expected of her.
Mr Metz certainly has a stud career ahead of him.
So what bitches will suit him when he does go to stud?
Yo Yo's Boy will be a dominant ancestor within his pedigree and will either hurt or help Mr Metz's chances at stud.
Duplicating Yo Yo's Boy's sire Credibility has worked, specially via Surf Lorian, so as a continuation of that, Surf Lorian bitches should suit Mr Metz.
Bitches that have Brett Lee in their pedigree, mainly via a daughter, will also suit.
Take a close look at Mr Metz's pedigree. He has Nation Parade as the sire of his third dam Top Priority. This allows Mr Metz to mate bitches that carry all sorts of combinations of Amerigo Man, Walkabout Sid, West Cape and Carnival Boy, the Brother Fox-Promises Free brothers so dominant in Australian pedigrees. Promises Free is a sister to Nation Parade.
Mr Metz also carries three imports within his pedigree, Grove Whisper*, Woodland Citizen and Balligari*. The sires of the latter pair both trace to the Skipping Chick damline, via the half sisters Lady Armada and Ballinderry Moth.
There is so much Curryhill Brute, Curryhill Fox and Skelligs Tiger blood in this country, all three litter brothers being out of Lemon Soda, yet another daughter of Skipping Chick.
(Mr Metz could be an ideal prospect for Ireland.)
With Iza Tora also boasting a cross of the brothers Pretty Short and Dark Pretender in her pedigree, Mr Metz should be able to click extremely well with bitches that have New Tears in their line mainly through sons (Light Of Fire etc).
It would also be interesting to see what a mating of Mr Metz to a bitch like Whirly Storm could produce. Their dams Iza Tora and Cyclone Chrissy are by sons of Credibility and are out of sisters Tentora and Cyclone Kelly (Balligari*-Top Priority).
Roanokee line bitches could be special with Mr Metz. He's a son of New Tears and both trace to the same influential broodbitch, Tidal Mist the 1970 National Futurity winner.
Exciting times ahead for Mr Metz … and not just on the racetrack.