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MISS Splendamiro's victory in Saturday night's Group 3 Ladies Bracelet is a prime example of "balanced breeding".
So, what do I mean by that?

I'll give you an explanation of balancing a pedigree as described by one of the world's foremost thoroughbred pedigree designers. It is:
"There are many ways a breeder is able to duplicate an ancestor because different patterns may be designed. If there is concentration of a male ancestor only via his sons, it is a limiting factor and will automatically exclude any valuable sex-linked genes located on the X sex chromosome. Male ancestors can only transmit their Y sex chromosome to sons. However, by reinforcing a male ancestor via both sexes (son and daughter) it provides an opportunity for valuable sex-linked genes to be inherited because a male ancestor's X sex chromosome is always given to his daughters. This is why I preach the concept of duplicating male ancestors via sons and daughters so as to deploy similar genes on BOTH sides of chromosomal pairings."

Don't give up on this idea even though the above few paragraphs might be confusing for some.
We can look at the pedigree of Miss Splendamiro to explain just what this most famous of pedigree designers means.

Miss Splendamiro is by Barcia Bale-Splendourous by Collision. She added the Ladies Bracelet to her win in the Bathurst Cup and third placing in the Richmond Oaks. She has also been a finalist in the G1 Egg and G2 Gosford Cup.

She has the ultimate of balanced pedigrees.
There is a 3x4 duplication of Head Honcho via son (in Barcia Bale) and daughter (in Splendourous).
There is a 4x3 duplication of Brett Lee via son and daughter.

We should look closely at the pedigree of Barcia Bale. He is in-bred 4x5 to Acacia Park via daughters. Ideally we should try to "balance" this. If we look at the pedigree of Splendourous we see Acacia Park comes into her pedigree via a SON in Acacia Ablaze (found in the damline of Splendourous' grandsire Awesome Assassin).
But, there is much more to this pedigree that just those three significant balances.

Go Wild Teddy (sire of Barcia Bale) and Collision (sire of Splendourous) are both bred on the cross of the famous half brothers Acacia Park and Brother Fox.
And, both Go Wild Teddy and Collision have Malawi's Prince as their damsire.

The pedigree of Miss Splendamiro also carries a double of Grove Whisper via daughters.
And, to top off all this, you will remember Miss Splendamiro is in-bred to Head Honcho a SON of Walkabout Sid. Barcia Bale's pedigree is also balanced via the SON cross of Walkabout Sid and the DAUGHTER cross of Walkabout Sid's litter brother Amerigo Man.

Even if Miss Splendamiro did not contain all these balances within her make-up, she still could have become a quality race bitch. That's because she is a female and this itself balances the pedigree.
Miss Splendamiro is not the only slick performer from this litter. The Queensland-based Splendiferous is a high speed performer able to run scorching times for that wiliest of trainers Glenn Smith.
It is the highly successful female family of Tarawi Tess and traces directly to famed foundation bitch Genuine Replica.

DOWN in Tassie, the My bro Fabio bitch Just Browsing is fast building a reputation as a potential superstar.
Her win in the time-honoured Illingworth Classic at Launceston recently was over some quality Tassie youngsters. Her record is seven starts for six wins and $26,000.

Just Browsing is yet another product of one of Tassie's best and fastest direct damlines that of Dennes Point ( her dam), Wooreddy, Lunawanna, Painted Vintage ... the successful line continues on and one.

Even before Dennes Point (Go Wild Teddy-Wooreddy) went to My Bro Fabio she had proved herself at stud. Her litter by Spring Gun included Lil' Miss Marny (11 wins, $34,000), to Mogambo she produced Breaker's Tip (28 wins, $77,000) and Bruny Venture (14 wins, $31,000) while a litter to el Grand Senor came up with El Grand Amigo (13 wins, $26,000) and Jouster (14 wins, $28,000).

Dennes Point started 12 times for six wins. Her full sister Break Even (11 wins, $19,000) was mated to Kinloch Brae to produce Group star Brad Hill Billy (now at stud).

The very classy I'm A Fencer (26 wins, $72,000) is a littermate to Dennes Point and full relation to Break Even.
Dennes Point, and her sister Break Even, are hugely in-bred to Go Wild Teddy and Princess Rema who are bred on the same cross but in reverse.

What I found fascinating about the pedigree of Just Browsing is that she carries a 4x2 cross of Bright Ebony and Wooreddy who have a great deal in common. They are positioned to impact with each other.

Both are bred on a cross of Like A Blessing and her brother the famed Chariot Supreme. Both carry a cross of Shantytown, but balanced via a daughter (Elle Shanty) and son (Shantung Tiger).

Interesting also is that Wooreddy is bred on exactly the same cross of the litter brothers Malawi and Buka Sunset (Waverly Supreme-Sabby's Image) as legend Bombastic Shiraz.

This damline produced the outstanding Queensland race bitch Fine Display by Bombastic Shiraz some years ago and she was the winner of 11 races. Unfortunately, she died before producing a litter.

This is also the family of Tweed Galaxy winner Cape Bruny and G1 Nat Sprint finalist Coolangatta ...and many other stars.

It traces directly to Border City who is also found along the direct female line of Awesome Assassin, Knocka Norris, Aston Dee Bee, Slater etc etc.