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Mickey Doo




FROM just 15 race starts to date, promising youngster Mickey Doo is putting together an imposing record of nine wins.

The son of Aston Dee Bee-Sally Doo has already won in 29.33 at The Gardens, 29.74 at Wentworth Park and been a finalist in the Group 1 Vic Peters behind Bandit Ned.

And, he has one of the most intense pedigrees one could ever study. Let's see why.
Mickey Doo was bred by Darryl Wilson and he is from a litter of seven dogs and two bitches whelped in May 2019. Eight of the nine have been named and ALL of them are winners.

The intensity of Mickey Doo's pedigree starts way back with New Reason (Little Denver-Sonic Image) his fifth mother.

Her sire Little Denver was in-bred 3x2 to the famous littermates Zimbabwe and Chief Dingaan (Temlee-Zulu Moss). New Reason also brings in a cross of Chief Babwe in her damline and he is by Bowetzel-Zimbabwe.
Thus, New Reason is in-bred 4x3x4 to littermates. But she also happened to be in-bred 5x4 to the sisters Bonnie Secret and Newmore's Secret daughters of the famed Secretly.

New Reason was a pretty good producer whose daughter Reckless Image (by Jungle Fantasy) was a Wentworth Park distance winner. Jungle Fantasy also contained a cross of Chief Dingaan in his damline.

Reckless Image's litter sister Blue Fantasy is the fourth dam of Mickey Doo. Blue Fantasy is in-bred 4x5x4x5 to Chief Dingaan and his litter sister Zimbabwe.

When Blue Fantasy went to stud, she was mated to the very classy Royal Assassin and among the litter was Group 3 class Sandave Law and the winner Sandave Lass (3rd dam of Mickey Doo).

Have a look at the pedigree of Sandave Lass and we instantly see she is line bred 3x3 to National Dingaan and her litter brother Little Denver in a most powerful position. We already know they are incestuously in-bred to the littermates Zimbabwe and Chief Dingaan.

Thus, Sandave Lass now carries 6x5x5x6x5x6 crosses of Chief Dingaan and Zimbabwe.
Sandave Lass was mated to Freddy Magic when she went to stud in one of three matings she had.

Freddy Magic was a son of Brett Lee-Thai Magic and from a great litter and wonderful damline. Among the immediate ancestors in the damline of Freddy Magic is none other than Chief Babwe, the sire of Freddy Magic's 3rd mother. Yes, Chief Babwe is a son of Zimbabwe. By the time the Freddy Magic-Sandave Lass litter was born, Chief Dingaan and his sister Zimbabwe filled the pedigree.

In Dookie Doo, they appear 6x7x6x6x7x5x7.
Dookie Doo could run winning at Taree, Muswellbrook, Maitland, The Gardens and Gosford. She too deserved her chance at stud. She was mated to Oaks Road (Spiral Nikita-Leprechaun Pace) and the result was Sally Doo a winner at The Gardens, Gosford, Richmond and Taree.

Once again, it was an explosion of line breeding to the littermates Chief Dingaan and Zimbabwe.
Oaks Road just happens to have National Dingaan as his 4th mother. But, he also has Leprechaun Miss as his 3rd dam and she is also found in the damline of Sally Doo via her son Royal Assassin.

By the time we get to Sally Doo, Chief Dingaan and Zimbabwe are now 7x6x7x8x7x7x8x6x8 in her pedigree.
Sally Doo too deserved her chance at stud. In 2017 she was mated to Magic Sprite (bred identically to Oaks Road on the Brett Lee/Spiral Nikita/Leprechaun Yap cross) and it produced very smart Sketchy Boy and Lil Doo ... a further saturation of the Chief Dingaan/Zimbabwe cross.

When it came time to mate her again, star galloper Aston Dee Bee was chosen.
The son of Barcia Bale-Aston Elle might look like an outcross at first glance but he is far from that.

His mother Aston Elle is by Bombastic Shiraz whose direct damline traces to none other than Zimbabwe.
But, Aston Elle's mum Elite Oriental a Group 1 winner and multiple track record breaker, is also saturated with this same Zulu Moss damline. She is in-bred 5x7 to littermates Miss Lemoss and Riviera Tiger. They are Temlee-Riviera Moss and they are genetic sister and brother to Chief Dingaan and Zimbabwe (Temlee-Zulu Moss).
Riviera Moss and Zulu Moss are famous litter sisters. Riviera Moss is the dam of Qld GOTY Gallant Anne.

So, by the time Mickey Doo was born he was in-bred 12 times to the sisters Riviera Moss and Zulu Moss. His mother Sally Doo carries nine of those crosses.
He is a Group 1 performer.