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SOME times I come across a pedigree that really does tick all the right boxes.
Messi (Vapour Whirl-Little Sioux by Brett Lee) does just that.
At the time it was put together, Pat Soffa would have had to be a pretty brave person to undertake the mating.
First, Vapour Whirl (Ashigga-Broad Band by Big Ginger Boy), while an outstanding race dog, hardly had a “glamour” pedigree. Ashigga was no superstar sire, and his dam Broad Band was pretty ordinary on the track even though she was from the damline of Wylie Boy. Vapour Whirl had a litter brother (Rocky) who was a stayer, even though Vapour Whirl was a sprint star himself.
Little Sioux (Brett Lee-Pretty Portrait) had a pedigree “to die for” bring by the champ from a six-times winning sister to Primo Uno called Pretty Portrait.
This is the “Portrait” damline that traces directly to Mandalass via her star staying daughter Del Bairn Babe (dam of Tangairn the Australian Cup winner).
This is how the pedigree of Messi appears:

Malawi's Prince
Duchess Marina
Black Pirate (by Chariot Supreme)
Vapour Whirl
Big Ginger Boy
Dark Horizon (by Buka Sunset)
Broad Band
Head Honcho (by Walkabout Sid)
Reeba Honcho
Kareeba (sister to Wylie Boy)
Brother Fox
Gun Law Osti
Miss Dusty Lee
Brett Lee
New Tears
Sobbing Sal
Wee Sal (by Chariot Supreme)
Little Sioux
Black Shiraz
Dark Horizon (by Buka Sunset)
Pretty Portrait (sister to Primo Uno)
Moral Standards*
Prima Portrait
Polly's Portrait (by Walkabout Sid)

There are so many fabulous nicks and crosses to this mating.
The first, and most obvious, is the 3x3 cross of the litter brothers Big Ginger Boy and Black Shiraz both via daughters.
What is so interesting to me is the fact Dark Horizon (dam of Big Ginger Boy and Black Shiraz) is by Buka Sunset. Ashigga is a son of Malawi's Prince who is by Buka Sunset's litter brother Malawi. Thus Malawi's Prince sex balances the two crosses of Dark Horizon in this pedigree.
Vapour Whirl carries a son (Head Honcho) strain of Walkabout Sid on his tail female line. This links with the DAUGHTER strain of Walkabout Sid on the tail female line of Little Sioux.
This is the duplication and sex balance of Walkabout Sid that is in the pedigree of so many of the best performers and many, many of the city winners, sired by Primo Uno (litter brother to Messi's second dam).
Little Sioux also has a daughter duplication of Chariot Supreme in her pedigree via Wee Sal and Famous Portrait. Vapour Whirl carries a significant SON (Black Pirate) of Chariot Supreme in his pedigree.
It is as good a pedigree design as I have seen.