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ANYONE who watched Mepunga Blazer storm away from his rivals at Albion Park last Thursday night on his way to a 29.41 track record will no doubt make comparisons between he and the previous record holder, champion Dyna Double One.

For me, the comparisons should be made via their respective pedigrees.
For most, the obvious similarity between Mepunga Blazer and Dyna Double One is that they are BOTH by champion sire Barcia Bale.

The son of Go Wild Teddy-Princess Bale is still churning out stars, Mepunga Blazer being just the latest in a long line of Group performers.

In the past few months, Barcia Bale has had to take a secondary spot to his stud kennelmate, the much-hyped Fernando Bale.

Both Barcia and Fernando have very interesting themes in the pedigrees of their successful progeny. Much of it has to do with a reinforcement of the Wheeler bloodlines via his father Allen's foundation bitch Gail's Beauty.
The recent Albion Park 710m track record breaker Tornado Tears is just one example of this among Fernando's best progeny to date.

Most who will take the time to compare the pedigrees of Mepunga Blazer and Dyna Double One will not really understand they have far more in common than just the fact they are both by Barcia Bale.
Let's explain who.

Any such explanation will obviously centre on the respective mothers of Mepunga Blazer and Dyna Double One.
Before I start to analyse the pedigrees of Mepunga Nicky (dam of Blazer) and Crystin Bale (Double One's dam), it should be pointed out that both bitches won a Group 1, Nicky landing the Adelaide Cup and Crystin the National Futurity.

Despite what many will try to make you believe ... class begets class.
Mepunga Nicky is by Premier Fantasy-Mepunga Diamond her dam by Brett Lee-Mepunga Anna.
Crystin Bale is by Buttsie Bale-Sorrento Bale. The National Futurity winner is hugely in-bred to the Skipping Chick family through multiple crosses of the litter brothers Curryhills Fox and Curryhill-Brute.

Interesting that Premier Fantasy, sire of Mepunga Nicky, is also hugely in-bred to the Skipping Chick family via Skelligs Tiger (a litter brother to Curryhills Fox and Curryhill Brute) and their genetic brother Daleys Gold.
Thus, we already have a common factor via Skipping Chick in the pedigrees of Mepunga Blazer and Dyna Double One ... the Albion Park track record breakers.

Dyna Double One's dam Crystin Bale is also saturated with the Gail's Beauty family. She traces along the damline of both her sire Buttsie Bale and dam Sorrento Bale to the bitches Red Fire Bale and Sarah Bale. They are sisters, being by World Acclaim-Mercia Bale.

So therein lies yet another common link.
Mercia Bale is a half sister to the famous Wheeler race and broodbitch Emiline Bale.
Emiline Bale became a legend when her litter to Temlee produced twice NSW GOTY Winifred Bale as well as Billy Bale etc.

If we next move up to the pedigree of champion sire Barcia Bale, we happen long to a dog called Lansley Bale (sire of Barcia's second dam).
Now, trace the damline of Lansley Bale and who do we come to?
None other than Winifred Bale.
Thus, putting Crystin Bale (in-bred to Mercia Bale) to Barcia Bale (tracing to Mercia Bale's half sister Emiline Bale) and we come up with a saturation of Gail's Beauty again.
So, what does this have to do with Mepunga Blazer and his pedigree?

Well, we have to delve deeper into the direct damline of Mepunga Nicky (dam of Blazer).
She traces directly to a dog called Indiana Bale who just happens to be a half brother to Winifred Bale.
Therein lies the strong link with Barcia Bale.

AND makes Mepunga Blazer and Dyna Double One bred along VERY similar lines.
None of this will be obvious to the person who simple looks casually at the pedigree of both great gallopers.
But, a little study can come up with wonderful results.
It sure did for Barry Smith and Mepunga Blazer.

Mepunga Blazer certainly has a long way to go to equal Dyna Double One's performances.
Double One started 54 times for 31 wins and 15 placings earning $1.16 million.
His Albion Park track record was just one of a number he set during his fabulous race career which also resulted in multiple Group victories.

At stud, I always felt he would be a source of stamina simply because of the way he raced himself and this already appears likely to be his forte.
Mepunga Blazer has started 24 times for 13 wins and five placings and his earnings stand at $168,000 ... but with the promise of much more to come.

Unfortunately, his first foray into the stud game was not as successful as his connections would have hoped. But their is light at the end of the tunnel with maturity.

He is from a very good litter all of which have been winners and include Chaudy (9 wins, 18 placings, $36,000) and Mepunga Tyson (10 wins, $39,000).