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A STUDY of the pedigrees of every city winner around Australia each week certainly does throw up some fascinating insight into how the best race dogs in the country are bred.
Let's be honest, those dogs that win at The Meadows and Wentworth Park on a Saturday night, Sandown, Albion Park and Angle Park on a Thursday night and Cannington on a Saturday night are the best we have.
The competition is tough.
Two weekend winners, Lavana (Collision-Token Whiz by Token Prince) and Tonto John (Hall's Northern-New Road by Devon Road), absolutely fascinated me.
I am always one who believes the best way to produce a quality race dog is to line breed to dominant and common ancestors.
But this pair amazed even me.
Let's take a look at their pedigrees.

This is how Wentworth Park 42.66 winner Lavana is bred:

Light Of Fire
Awesome Assassin
Tranquil Flame
Malawi's Prince
Rumble Spirit
Follow Through
Malawi's Prince
 Token Prince
True Temptation
Token Whiz
Light Of Fire
Little Whiz
Grove Whiz

Such intensity is amazing. Dam Token Whiz is from an extremely strong damline which includes Group 1 winner Pure Burst who in fact is bred almost the same as Token Whiz both being by Token Prince and from the damline that traces back to Gee Whiz (fourth dam of both Lavana and Pure Burst).
It is quite obvious the line breeding 3x3 to Light Of Fire via his son Awesome Assassin and daughter Little Whiz, and the line breeding 3x3 to Malawi's Prince via his daughter Rumble Spirit and son Token Prince.
Token Whiz had already been bred to Bombastic Shiraz to bring in this saturation of Malawi's Prince plus a cross of Centrefire (dam of Light Of Fire) with her brother Shining Chariot. This mating produced the outstanding Melbourne galloper Dark Duo.

Now this is the pedigree of The Meadows 30.62 winner Tonto John:

Fox Hunt
Legs Ahoy
Blue Duchess (Malawi-Duchess Marina)
Hall's Northern
Black Shiraz
Poppin Cork
Malawi Law (by Malawi's Prince a brother to Blue Duchess)
Devon Road
National Limit
New Road
Black Shiraz
Madam Shiraz
Poppin Cork

Immediately it is obvious the 2x2 line breeding to the full sisters Karalinga and Madam Shiraz. Then you will see the 3x4 line breeding to Blue Duchess and her full brother Malawi's Prince.
There is a further degree of intensity to this mating via National limit the dam of Tonto John's damsire Devon Road.
This is how National limit is bred.

Tangaloa (by Temlee)
Eaglehawk Star
Country Coast
Rinaldi Lass
Waroo Lass
Chief Dingaan
Zulu Moss
National Lass
Waverly Supreme
Waroo Lass
Main Model

Rinaldi Lass and champion National Lass are genetic sisters.
To further intensify the pedigree of New Road (dam of Tonto John) she also carries a duplication of Chief Dingaan 5x4.
It is interesting to note that Rose Regal, second dam of champion Dashing Corsair, is bred on this same saturation of Waroo Lass through National Lass and Harper Valley (a litter sister to Rinaldi Lass the dam of Ginger). Dashing Eagle, the sire of Rose Regal, is a genetic brother to Ginger.
Dashing Corsair's pedigree shows a cross of both Ginger and Dashing Eagle. Is this the influence within his pedigree that has made him such a sensational galloper?

Fascinating stuff!