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WHILE all the attention centred on Octane Show's brilliant victory in the Group 1 Hobart Thousand on Thursday night in Tasmania, I couldn't help but cheer home Kilty Lad.
With the pace of Octane Show, and the local champ Damek, Kilty lad was never expected to be one of the favourites. His box five didn't help either.
But the son of Superman-Sisco Train by Primo Uno had made a Group 1 final and this only added to his reputation.  He had already ventured to WA to win the Group 3 Young Star Classic in a race record at Cannington.
I like Kilty lad because I've always thought his sire superman had a strong chance to succeed at stud. Superman (Brett Lee-I'm Puzzles by Head Honcho) won the Perth Cup and ran a track record at Cannington, and won a Hobart Thousand. He also won a Qld Derby so he was something special.
Superman had a few fertility problems early in his career and as we all know “out of sight, out of mind”.
Superman didn't attract the numbers early in his stud career. But he should be doing so now.
The pedigree of Kilty Lad is an intriguing one.
This is how it looks:

Gun Law Osti
Brett Lee
Sobbing Sal
Head Honcho
I'm Puzzles
Malawi Blue (by Malawi)
Black Shiraz
Primo Uno
Prima Portrait
Sisco Train
Band Of Stars (by Head Honcho)
Full Streak
Frightful Streak

His dam Sisco Train was a multiple city winner who has a very interesting pedigree. She is line bred 4x4 to Walkabout Sid via his daughter Polly's Portrait and son Head Honcho, the class duplication of Walkabout Sid behind many, many of Primo Uno's feature winners and city winners.
But Sisco Train is also bred along similar lines to Bombastic Shiraz but in reverse.
Sisco Train's third dam is Semester, the third dam also of Bombastic Shiraz.
Black Shiraz is the sire of both Primo Uno and Bombastic Shiraz so you see the similarity in the pedigrees of Bombastic Shiraz and Sisco Train … with an added bonus or two in both pedigrees. Primo Uno is also line bred 5x6 to Mandalass along the tail female line on both sides of his pedigree.
His daughters will continue to be worth their weight in gold.
Sisco Train also has a double to Eaglehawk Star and a double to Roy Trease in her pedigree. Moral Standards* who comes along her alternate sex path is her dominant ancestor.
When it came to mate Sisco Train, Moral Standards was never going to be the ancestor one would want to duplicate. His progeny had too many convictions both here and in England for that to happen.
Putting Sisco Train to Superman brought in a 3x4 duplication and sex balance to Head Honcho (the dominant ancestor in Superman). It was an excellent way to go. Another option was to find a stud dog with a DAUGHTER of Walkabout Sid's sire Brother Fox prominent in his pedigree.
What I particularly liked about this mating is the hidden factor of Chief Dingaan and his sister Zimbabwe (Temlee-Zulu Moss). Both come along the tail female line to be able to impact this mating.
Chief Dingaan is the sire of National Star, sire of Superman's third dam Raheen Star, while Zimbabwe is the dam of Sisco Train's fourth dam Zelwe.
There are a number of other mixes to this mating, like the Buka Sunset link to his litter brother Malawi.
I like Superman because he carries a valuable DAUGHTER of Malawi in his damline. He should be perfect for broodbitches that carry Malawi's famous son Malawi's Prince … a balancing influence.