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ITíS an old saying about some being born into greatness and other having greatness thrust upon them.
KILTY LAD, the multiple Group 1 winning son of Superman-Sisco Train, slots perfectly into both catagories.
Not only does he have a wonderful pedigree, but KILTY LAD also lived right up to what his pedigree said he should do. He was a superstar.
Right from the moment he won his Maiden at The Meadows back in June 2010, to the day he was taken to Angle Park as a baby to make the final of the Group 3 South Australian Derby giving away age and experience. He then headed to Cannington still as an inexperienced youngster and yet he blitzed his rivals in the Group 3 Young Star Classic running a class record.
By this time, KILTY LAD had already lived up to his pedigree.
A few months later, as a hardened race dog, he was ready to take on the ultimate rivals at Group 1 level. He made the Hobart Thousand final but just a few days later brilliantly won the Group 1 Maturity. Only a few weeks later he went back to Angle Park and thrashed his rivals in the Group 1 Adelaide Cup. It was a month of exceptional performances, followed quickly by a third in the Perth Cup and fourth in The Temlee.
KILTY LAD was no cotton wool champion.
He chased home Radley Bale at his unstoppable best in the Golden Easter Egg and then made the Peter Mosman final, the Maturity final, the Topgun and the Summer Sprint. All of which proved what a wonderful greyhound he was on the racetrack.
KILTY LAD was bred to be what he was, a superstar. His sire Superman won the Group 1 Perth Cup, Group 1 Hobart Thousand and Group 2 Qld Derby. He set a Cannington track record.
KILTY LADís dam Sisco Train (Primo Uno-Full Streak) was a multiple city winner and has become a great producer Ö KILTY LAD obviously being her best but she has produced four other quality offspring in her litter to Superman, all feature race class performers.
The pedigree that stands behind KILTY LAD is impressive.
He has line breeding 3x4 to Head Honcho the champion sprinter who was champion sire five times in Victoria and is one of the worldís greatest sources of chase. Having TWO crosses of Head Honcho in the pedigree of KILTY LAD provides that most important of all attributes ďchaseĒ in abundance. Champion stud dogs have a very balanced pedigree. The double to Head Honcho is perfectly balanced in KILTY LADís make-up.
Interestingly, the pedigree of KILTY LADís dam Sisco Train shows a duplication of Walkabout Sid (sire of Head Honcho) and he is also balanced via a daughter and a son. Sisco Train was a successful broodbitch waiting to happen.
Now that KILTY LAD is at stud, broodbitch owners will be looking closely at his pedigree in an endeavour to breed to him to utilize all the great crosses within his pedigree.
What lines could help KILTY LAD succeed at stud?
There is an abundance of ways broodbitch owners can use him with the hope of producing quality offspring.
KILTY LAD is a grandson of the Hall of Fame sprinter and stud legend Brett Lee.
His damsire Primo Uno will have a huge say in the impact KILTY LAD has at stud and he is a dog who can be duplicated in pedigrees because of his great success.
And KILTY LADís immediate tail female line runs directly to Semester, Zelwe, Zimbabwe and Zulu Moss. This is the same tail female line as legend sprinter and sire Bombastic Shiraz.
So what lines should be mated to KILTY LAD?
Champion sire Surf Lorian has already done exceptionally well when mated to daughters of Primo Uno. This is how his champion race bitch Velocity Regina is bred, by Surf Lorian from a Primo Uno bitch. KILTY LAD would do well to mate Surf Lorian bitches.
Surf Lorianís third sire Worth Doing is out of Versatile Miss (Waverly Supreme-Zimbabwe) a half sister to Zelwe the fifth dam of KILTY LAD. Bringing in brothers and sisters and half relations into a pedigree can often upgrade for racetrack success.
Another on this Zulu Moss theme could be daughters of Bond whose third dam Genuine Replica is a daughter of Chief Babwe who is a litter brother to Zelwe the fifth dam of KILTY LAD.
This theme can also be brought in via any bitches who carry former Aussie classic winner and Irish stud legend Top Honcho in their pedigree. Top Honchoís damsire is Double Summit (Waverly Supreme-Zimbabwe) who is a litter brother to Versatile Miss (dam of Worth Doing) and a half brother to Chief Babwe and Zelwe.
The former champion sprinter and fine sire Elite State has a very significant cross of a bitch called Miss Lemoss (Temlee-Riviera Moss) significantly placed in his pedigree. Miss Lemoss is a virtual sister to Zimbabwe (Temlee-Zulu Moss) because Riviera Moss and Zulu Moss are sisters. Putting Elite State bitches to KILTY LAD will again reinforce this family that does exceptionally well when it is reinforced.
Collison (Awesome Assassin-Rumble Spirit) has become a champion sire. His bitches too could suit KILTY LAD. Awesome Assassinís tail female line runs directly to a dog called Riviera Tiger a litter brother to Miss Lemoss and a genetic brother to Zimbabwe.
Collision also has Malawiís Prince as his dominant ancestor. The fact KILTY LADís sire Superman carries only a DAUGHTER strain of Malawi (sire of Malawiís Prince) is also significant as a balancing influence for Malawi in the pedigree of Collision. Many of the best progeny of Collision carry a duplication of Malawiís Prince in their pedigree. KILTY LADís sire Superman with his DAUGHTER strain of Malawi, will be ideal to balance this duplication of Malawiís Prince.
KILTY LADís second dam is Full Streak a daughter of Band Of Stars (Head Honcho-Hoppyís Star) who eventually went to Ireland to become a handy sire. His damline traces to the famed Sydney Gem (Lively Band-Monalee Again). This is the damline of such outstanding gallopers as Bomber Gleeson (found in the damline of Trewly Special and all his great full relations), Black Pirate (found in the pedigree of current day top sire Vapour Whirl).
Obviously, bitches by Trewly Special, or his brothers Trew Millions, Two Up Larry, Go Forever, would be ideal to be mated to KILTY LAD to bring in a reinforcement of the famous Sydney Gem family. Vapour Whirl bitches, too, would suit KILTY LAD and they too bring in yet another cross of Walkabout Sid via a daughter.
The fact KILTY LADís damsire Primo Uno has a cross of Moral Standards in his female line, also allows some special line breeding to be introduced. Moral Standardsí dam No Way Jose is heavily line bred to the famous broodbitch Millie Hawthorn. This is the same broodbitch who is heavily line bred in Grove Whisper*. Bondís dam Thai Magic is a daughter of Grove Whisper, so breeders with Bond daughters have an added reason why their bitches should cross well with KILTY LAD.
This famous broodbitch line that includes Millie Hawthorn is also found in the female lines of Barneys Alarm, Fortress (damsire of Velocette, and Slater, and found in the damline of Knocka Norris), and Southern Champ (damsire of champion Dashing Corsair). Bitches with all these imported stud dogs in their pedigrees could be mated to KILTY LAD to develop line breeding to the famous ďMillieĒ female family.
Champion Irish sire Premier Fantasy has two crosses of this ďMillieĒ family in his pedigree and significantly placed to impact upon whatever matings he has. This makes Premier Fantasy bitches an ideal option for KILTY LAD as well.
The fact KILTY LAD has the former Aussie top grade sprinter Frightful Flash, a great stud success in Ireland, in his damline is another plus. Frightful Flash is the sire in Ireland of the great galloper Sonic Flight who in turn sired the legend English galloper Westmead Hawk winner of two English Derby finals. There are many bitches by Westmead Hawk and his sire Sonic Flight in Australia and putting them to KILTY LAD will bring in an excellent sex balance to Frightful Flash.
The fact KILTY LAD is a grandson of Brett Lee also presents the opportunity for strong crosses with broodbitches that carry his litter brother Trendy Leigh and his half brother Big Daddy Cool. Both are found in many, many broodbitches around the country. Brett Lee, too, can be successfully duplicated because he will be back in the third generation of the pedigree of offspring by KILTY LAD. Brett Lee is becoming a very great broodbitch sire so he is quickly appearing in the damline of some great bitches. Doubling a legend like Brett Lee in the make-up of KILTY LAD offspring could certainly be one of the best ways to achieve success.
Bombastic Shiraz was a champion on the racetrack and has left an indelible mark on the breeding industry in Australia. He is bred almost identically to Sisco Train the dam of KILTY LAD. Bombastic Shiraz is by Black Shiraz from the Zulu Moss female line. Sisco Train is by a son of Black Shiraz from the Zulu Moss female line.
Putting daughters of Bombastic Shiraz to KILTY LAD will provide intense line breeding. It will double that great source of chase Black Shiraz via sons, and it will also intensify the Zulu Moss female family. Sisters to Bombastic Shirazís champion son Bobby Boucheau could be absolutely ideal for a mating to KILTY LAD. This is because Bobby Boucheauís second dam Advert is by Wild Pirate who has as his second dam Sydney Gem (found in the pedigree of Band Of Stars who is in KILTY LADís damline).
Which brings us to Token Prince the former champion sire whose broodbitches are worth their weight in gold. Token Prince bitches are working with a myriad of sire lines, but particularly those from the Brett Lee and Big Daddy Cool line. Token Prince is a son of Malawiís Prince who in turn is a son of Malawi, found significantly via a DAUGHTER in KILTY LADís sire Superman.
KILTY LADís pedigree is heavily line bred to Head Honcho 3x4 via a son and daughter. This makes him perfectly balanced. This should also help make him a very prepotent sire, able to upgrade just about any lines he mates.
With the heavy influx of Irish, English and US lines into this country, they too are certain to be able to cross strongly with the heavily line bred KILTY LAD.