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SPEED machines like HIGH EARNER are worth their weight in gold to the stud scene the world over. Historically in-bred males, with the ability to run records or near record time, win at the highest level, and come from the best possible damlines will succeed at stud.
HIGH EARNER has all those credentials and more ... much more.
But what lines will cross best with HIGH EARNER to make him a success at stud, one of the leaders in generations to come.
Traditionally sirelines must be dominant and be unbroken achievers to allow young stud dogs going to stud to achieve themselves. HIGH EARNER comes from an unbroken line of champion sires.
His own sire Collision has kept churning out classic stock for the past few years. His grandsire, the record-breaking Awesome Assassin was a champion sire in Victoria for years. Few can doubt Awesome Assassinís own sire Light Of Fire, grandsire New Tears and great grandsire Pretty Short and sixth sire Tangaloa were of the highest order at stud.
All these champion sires trace directly to the daddy of them all Ö the legendary Temlee and few in the world can doubt his impact on the greyhound of today.
So we point out HIGH EARNER is from a highly successful sireline of champion sires.
Add to this the immediate damline of HIGH EARNER, stemming to his first dam, the Eric Thomson Maiden winner Double Guess, to his second dam the WA Oaks winner and champion broodbitch Roxy Reason. It is an amazing feature of HIGH EARNERíS pedigree that he traces directly on his damline to Venetian Babe, the granddam of Temlee who we have seen in the famous seventh sire of HIGH EARNER.
The impact on HIGH EARNERís pedigree, and the obvious source of his great early pace, is the fact he carries Malawiís Prince 3x3 through two daughters.
So what lines will HIGH EARNER work with best?
He carries Wild Season as his immediate damsire, and therein lies a key to mating him successfully. Wild Season is out of a daughter of Ginger. HIGH EARNER is perfect to be mated to bitches that carry Gingerís best and most influential son Black Shiraz and his brothers Big Ginger Boy and Ginger Magee all of who made an impact on the stud scene.
Bitches sired by Black Shiraz sons like Primo Uno, Elgrando, November Fury, the three-quarter brothers Stately Bird and Cyrus The Virus etc etc will all suit matings to HIGH EARNER. Daughters of Primo Uno are an exceptional cross for HIGH EARNER. Not only do they bring in the SON strain of Ginger, but Primo Uno also brings in a DAUGHTER of Walkabout Sid to link with the SON strain in Wild Season (damsire of HIGH EARNER). We recommend this could be a perfect recipe for success with HIGH EARNER.
Of particular strength for HIGH EARNER will be bitches that carry Gingerís son Smooth Rumble the Australian Cup winner who made a spectacular impact on the stud scene in Ireland particularly providing strength in his offspring. Having Smooth Rumble in the pedigree of a bitch mated to High Earner will bring in a duplication of the famous broodbitch Follow Through, and will also sex balance Ginger. This could be an extremely important recipe for success.
Because Ginger is out of a bitch called Rinaldi Lass who in turn is a daughter of legend producer Waroo Lass, we also recommend broodbitches that carry the famous National Lass (a daughter of Waroo Lass), as well as Dashing Eagle (who carries Waroo Lass as his third dam). National Lass can be picked up through her son Little Denver. Of particular interest will be bitches by Trewly Special or any of his brothers. They are by Brett Lee from a daughter of Jones Junior who carries National Lass in his immediate damline.
While champion sire Bombastic Shiraz is a son of Black Shiraz, this stud great also carries another daughter strain of Malawiís Prince. HIGH EARNER should not necessarily mate Bombastic Shiraz bitches, unless they are in the immediate damline of the bitch concerned.
Because of the duplication of Malawiís Prince through two daughters in the pedigree of HIGH EARNER, bitches that carry sons of Malawiís Prince back in their pedigree will help HIGH EARNER succeed. Token Prince is an important damsire and also a SON of Malawiís Prince. His daughters, and especially his granddaughters, should do well when mated to HIGH EARNER.
Malawi, the sire of Malawiís Prince, has as his litter brother Buka Sunset. Linking this pair into a pedigree can prove a great success. Bombastic Shiraz in in-bred this way. Bitches that carry a DAUGHTER of Buka Sunset within their pedigree should also prove a successful cross with HIGH EARNER.
Another option for success with HIGH EARNER could be with bitches that carry a DAUGHTER of Malawi himself. The damline made famous by champion and Hall of Famer Bogie Leigh carries a daughter of Malawi in its direct tail female line. HIGH EARNER should mate as many bitches as he can from the line that has Bogie Leigh and her dam Hypo Havoc contained in it.
The high class staying dog Drill ĎEm is by stayer Texas Gold from Geoffís Mate whose own dam Executive Maggie is a sister to Wild Season (damsire of HIGH EARNER). Therein lies another key for HIGH EARNER as well. Not only should HIGH EARNER do well when mated to daughters of Texas Gold, but he should also do well with bitches that carry Ashigga (and his son Vapour Whirl) in their pedigree. Ashigga is the sire of Geoffís Mate (dam of Drill ĎEm).
HIGH EARNER can also take some interesting duplications of overseas bloodlines. In recent times, the progeny of star Irish sire Spiral Nikita have made a name for themselves in Australia. His son Cosmic Rumble is the winner of the Group 1 Golden Easter Egg. Spiral Nikita has as his damsire Curryhills Fox whose litter brother Curryhill Brute appears on HIGH EARNERís immediate tail female line. Spiral Nikita bitches are perfect for matings to HIGH EARNER.
Daughters of champion sire Brett Lee appeal as perfect for HIGH EARNER. Brett Leeís damsire is New Tears. He is represented by a daughter in Brett Lee. HIGH EARNER carries a SON of New Tears in his immediate damline to balance the daughter strain in Brett Lee. Brett Lee sons by consequence will suit HIGH EARNER as well.
As we said before, daughters of Trewly Special, Go Forever and any bitch that carries Jones Junior in their pedigree will also suit HIGH EARNER.
Collision has been an exceptional sire. He is starting to show a nick with daughters of champion sire Surf Lorian the son of Just The Best-Barrio Fiesta who has three male lines of Brother Fox dominant in his pedigree. Surf Lorian bitches are certain to suit HIGH EARNER. Again the sex balance to New Tears will be developed. Importantly though, Collision has a daughter strain of Brother Fox to balance the many male strains Surf Lorian will bring to the mating. Add to this the already proven nick Surf Lorian has with HIGH EARNERís grandsire Awesome Assassin.
An extremely potent cross could be HIGH EARNER to Cheeky Sprite, dam of champion Queen Lauryn.  This will bring in the much needed duplication of Ginger (sex balanced), as well as a cross of Shining Chariot. Daughters of Surf Lorian-Cheeky Sprite (a litter that includes Santino Marella and dolly Sprite) are perfect for a mating to HIGH EARNER.
Daughters of Just The Bestís other sons Elite State and Big Daddy Cool too should do well with HIGH EARNER. Big Daddy Cool in particular has a nick with daughters of Token Prince (a son of Malawiís Prince who is duplicated in HIGH EARNER). Just The Best daughters too do exceptionally well with Collision (sire of HIGH EARNER). Sprint star Goodesy is bred on this cross.
Bitches that have a number of crosses of Shining Chariot, or his son Golden Currency, should be tried with HIGH EARNER. Shining Chariot is a brother to Centrefire who is dam of HIGH EARNERís third sire Light Of Fire. HIGH EARNER also has two crosses of Malawiís Prince within his pedigree and that champion sire and broodbitch influence carries Bowetzel as his damsire. Bowetzel and Shining Light, dam of Shining Chariot and Centrefire are out of legend broodbitch Princess Diro.
Collisionís champion daughter Dana Beatrice (winner of the Golden Easter Egg) is out of a bitch that carries a duplication of Shining Chariot.