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COMMON and dominant ancestors that can often be the key to success when putting together a mating.
Hella Good (Bit Chili-Nikita Grove by Spiral Nikita) has an interesting pedigree pattern. He has been a very good race dog who on Saturday night at The Meadows downed a very strong field of FFA dogs to win his eighth race in 26 starts.
He has a real affinity for The Meadows and downed classy Kynan's Express.
This is the pedigree of Hella Good:

Black Shiraz
Bombastic Shiraz
Bombastic Blonde (to Shining Chariot)
Bit Chili
Elle's Commando
Chili Berger
Alice Dooley (by Barrantes by Curryhill Brute)
Phantom Flash
Spiral Nikita
Minnies Nikita (by Curryhill Fox)
Nikita Grove
Light Of Fire (son of Centrefire)
Magic Grove
Thai Magic (to Chief Babwe a SON of Bowetzel)

Of course this is the damline made famous by Genuine Replica and includes such stars as Tuiaki, Bond, Magnifique etc etc.
Putting Nikita Grove to Bit Chili was an inspired mating.
Nikita Grove is an unraced sister to National Distance Championship finalist Spiral Magic. Granddam Magic grove was an outstanding race bitch and to a mating to Bombastic Shiraz she produced Jedd Lion a National Derby finalist and multiple provincial NSW feature race winner.
The mating of Nikita Grove to Bit Chili followed the successful theme that produced Jedd Lion.
BUT it also added a necessary duplication of litter brothers.
Curryhill Brute* is found via his son Barrantes in the damline of Bit Chili, and significantly Curryhill Brute's litter brother Curryhills Fox is the damsire of Spiral Nikita (sire of Nikita Grove). This was a very important link in this mating.
Add to that, Magic Grove is a daughter of Light Of Fire whose dam Centrefire is a sister to Shining Chariot who is found in the damline of Bombastic Shiraz. This is a highly successful nick.
But what is not so evident is the fact Hella Good's fifth dam Genuine Replica is a daughter of Chief Babwe (Bowetzel-Zimbabwe). Chief Babwe is one of the rare SONS of Bowetzel found in pedigrees today. In fact I have struggled to find another.
This is a huge balancing effect for all the many DAUGHTER strains of Bowetzel found in pedigrees today, usually via his daughter Duchess Marina the dam of Malawi's Prince. Shining Light, dam of Shining Chariot and Centrefire, is a half sister to Bowetzel.
Hella Good is not the only quality race dog in the Bit Chili-Nikita Grove mating.