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Group 1 Status




NSW dog man, Charlie Riccio, has compiled a bunch of stats that give a huge insight into breeding a Group 1 winner.

Charlie analysed the racetrack performances of the mother of EVERY Group 1 winner for the past decade, encompassing 298 Group 1 races from 2012-2020.

Charlie focussed on the mothers of those Group 1 stars and especially the race distances those females won over.
Charlie found that of the 298 winners on Group 1 races, seven bitches that were never raced were able to produce the winners of nine Group 1s.

That is just 3.02 percent of the overall number of Group 1 winners.
The stats on bitches that did not win races further than 500m during their race career were just as telling. Just nine were able to produce the winners of 11 Group 1 races or 3.69 percent of the total.

As Charlie said: "With the proliferation of short course races throughout the country today, I expected this number to be much better. Consider the number of bitches that have won races under 500 metres."
With city racing being generally restricted to 500m, 600m and 700m events, more of them coming over 500m, it would be expected bitches that won races from 500m to 564m would have a huge influence on success in Group 1 racing.

Charlie's figures show that 74 bitches, winners between 500m and 564m, produced the winners of 106 Group 1 events or 35.57 percent of all Group 1s.

But, the staggering aspect of Charlie's figures came when he analysed the stats for bitches that had won races at longer than 565m.

Bitches from this group produced 57.72 percent of the Group 1 winners. Some 95 bitches, winners at further than 565m, produced 172 of the Group 1 winners at a percentage of 57.72.

Says Charlie: "It is obvious if you want to put the odds in your favour of getting a Group 1 winners either by breeding or buying pups, then you have to look at bitches who won over a distance further than 565 metres.

"Of course, bitches who won over 500 metres and more are just as great a chance of producing at the highest level.
"But, if you are thinking of breeding with a bitch that could not win past 500 metres and hoping to get a Group 1 winner ... consider your options."

My good friend Daniel, over in the UK, took it upon himself after Charlie's stats were made public to undertake a study of Group 1 races there.

Since 2011 there have been 185 G1 competitions.
Of the 185 G1 finals the winners were produced by 140 different dams.
Dams that won over 500m+ produced 83 winners or 44.86%
Dams that won between 480-499m produced 69 winners or 37.3%
Dams that won under 479m produced 14 winners or 7.57%
Dams that never won produced 6 winners or 3.24%
Dams that never raced produced 13 winners or 7.03%

Armed with those stats I searched the pedigrees of this week's Group 1 Melbourne Cup and Group 1 Bold Trease finalists. This is how they lined up:

Melbourne Cup
Aston Rupee. Dam Aston Miley won to 515m at Sandown
Aussie Secret. Dam Sunset Believer won to 395m at Traralgon
Jepara. Dam Tarks Nemesis won to 715m Sandown
Kinson Bale. Dam Hae Allen won to 520m Cranbourne
Koblenz. Dam Up Hill Jill won to 525m Meadows
Lakeview Walter. Dam Lakeview Maisey won to 525m Traralgon
Lala Kiwi. Dam Lala Shim won to 660m Ballarat
Tiberia Bale. Dam Folio Bale won to 525m Meadows

Bold Trease
Untapped. Dam Mepunga Flame won to 600m Meadows
Drako Bale. Dam Fanta Bale won to 725m Meadows
Line Of Quality. Dam All Quality won to 515m The Gardens
Run Like Jess. Dam Paua To Avoid won to 525m Meadows
Knicks Bale. Dam Dyna Willow won to 725m Meadows
Kenny The Brute. Dam She's Scandalous won to 472m Bulli
Mepunga Ruby. Dam Mepunga Rosie won to 725m Meadows
Gypsy Wyong. Dam Dyna Gypsy won to 515m Sandown