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I get a lot of phone calls from breeders wanting to discuss pedigrees.
One I got from a NSW breeder in the past week was interesting.
He had bred many a good greyhound and wanted to chat about the impact of imports within a pedigree.
“Should I be using an import with my bitches,” he asked. “I've noticed that many of the best dogs have an import within their pedigree, at least within the first three generations.”
Hybrid vigor is a debatable virtue among greyhounds.
Paul Wheeler is adamant his lines need such a boost every couple of generations and who am I to argue with Paul.
What I often notice is that outcrossing can get one, maybe two, with ability but often the rest of the litter can be not so good.
 Often a total outcross will rely entirely upon the quality of the damline of the broodbitch in question.
So with that in mind I went looking at the Group 1 results in Australia so far in 2010.
Here are the Group 1 winners:
ENRY WALT (Primo Uno-Awesome Saint)
His sire Primo Uno has the English Derby winner Moral Standards as his damsire.
Not much else to indicate this import had a huge impact on Enry Walt's ability.
What appears more significant is the link between the litter brothers Buka Sunset and Malawi via alternate sexes, and the duplication and sex balance to Eaglehawk Star.
MANTRA LAD (Pure Octane-Al Fresco)
Farloe Melody* is found in his fourth remove, but this is a pedigree saturated by a 3x3 son duplication of Malawi's Prince and a special link between the sisters Paris Match and Pilgrim's Star. This was a very special pedigree.
DYNA LACHLAN (Go Wild Teddy-Benden Flex)
The US star Braddy appears on his third line via his son Ashom Bale (sire of Dyna Lachlan's dam Benden Flex). Grove Whisper and Curryhill Brute appear further back in Benden Flex's pedigree. What impacts this mating is the line breeding to Walkabout Sid and his brother West Cape (found in a significant position) and the fact Benden Flex is line bred on the tail female line on both sides of her pedigree to Dynabolt.
ELITE BLUE SIZE (Elite State-Size Em Up)
We have to go back to the fifth generation to find Curryhill Brute* as the only import within this pedigree.
DAYDREAM (Bit Chili-Stresa)
Farloe Melody* appears on the third line via the dam Stresa who is a daughter of Bobniak.
What impacts this mating is the fact Bobniak's dam Paris Match links with Osti's Idol who is bred identically, by Brother Fox from a daughter of Osti Lee.
FEDEX (Primo Uno-Tranquil Goddess)
Imports on the third (Moral Standards) and second (Tinas Jo) lines of his pedigree.
Knockrour Slace and Sand Man are duplicated and sex balanced through these two imports that appear so heavily in the pedigree of Fedex.
Significantly Fedex was the lone star among his litter and this is the damline of Awesome Assassin.
DRILL `EM (Texas Gold-Geoff's Mate)
Obviously by Texas Gold who was a champion staying son of US star Flying Penske.
But look closely at the pedigree of Drill `Em and you will see a cross of the brothers National Star and Pop Gun via daughters and through the middle of the pedigree to be able to impact the mating.
HIGH EARNER (Collision-Double Guess)
Has the import Curryhill Brute on the fourth line via his tail female line.
But the significant impact on this pedigree is obviously the duplication 3x3 to Malawi's Prince via daughters. A very, very heavily line bred pedigree.
COSMIC RUMBLE (Spiral Nikita-Spiritual Rumble)
By the Irish sprint star and successful sire Spiral Nikita.
Personally I believe Steve Kavanagh's bitch Spiritual Rumble, a Group 1 performer and sister to Group winners and half sister to multiple Group winners, dominated this mating.
NEXT TOP MODEL (Surf Lorian-By Request)
A heavily in-bred pedigree, 3x4 to Credibility and with lots of Brother Fox, Chariot Supreme, New Tears, Amerigo Man etc. She has a cross of Curryhill Brute* on her tail female line on her fourth generation. What impact did Curryhill Brute* have on this pedigree?
NELLIE NOODLES (Flying Penske-Classy Creek)
The champion stayer is by the champion US sire Flying Penske.
This is a virtual repeat of the mating that produced Texas Gold etc.
I've written before that a significant aspect to Flying Penske's pedigree is that the Aussie legend tell You Why is position in his damline to impact any mating he has.
C'EST LA VIE (Cool Performance-Flipper)
By the Irish Derby winner who has been a virtual stud flop at home and in Australia. But C'est La Vie is a high class race bitch and from the same damline as Surf Lorian. Her granddam was a Golden Easter Egg finalist. This litter also contained Group performer Lizard Man but little else.
C'est La Vie will something at stud.
EL GRAND SENOR (Where's Pedro-Elgrando Gold)
Has Farloe Melody* and Barneys Alarm on the fourth line.
This bloke is line bred to Gun Law Osti 3x4 and sex balanced to him, and line bred and sex balanced to New Tears 4x5.
BLUE LORIAN (Surf Lorian-Winsome Bluebird)
Has Farloe Melody* on his third line via his dam, but the significant impact of this mating is the 3x4 daughter duplication of West Cape. This is the duplication behind Velocity Regina another star Surf Lorian galloper in 2010.
SMOOTH FANCY (Collision-Flash Fancy)
Has Barneys Alarm as the damsire of his dam Flash Fancy.
Both Brother Fox and New Tears are duplicated and sex balanced within this pedigree.
LOCHINVAR MARLOW (Bombastic Shiraz-Sensation Lee)
Has Balligari*as the sire of his third dam.
The dam is heavily line bred to Brother Fox and New Tears.
This mating brings in the link between Shining Chariot and his sister Centrefire, as well as a duplication and sex balance to Eaglehawk Star.
ISADOLL (Surf Lorian-Isadora)
Only Waverly Supreme*is an import within her first five generations and he appears just once.
New Tears is duplicated and sex balanced 4x4, and Token Prince comes in to nick with Surf Lorian's sire Just The Best. A number of this year's best progeny sired by Surf Lorian have Token Prince within their pedigree.

So you be the judge.
Do the imports in these Group 1 winning pedigrees earn the right to say they impacted totally to produce such a great galloper?
Obviously there comes a time when hybrid vigor is necessary for a bloodline to be reinvigorated.
I believe the best outcross influences are those stud dogs that still bring in common and dominant ancestors. Waverly Supreme* was the perfect example.