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GIVE ME FIVE ... mating possibilities

THE phone rang and it was Terry Hines, the Sunshine Coast property developer who has a passion for greyhounds.
Terry is owner of Whisky Assassin the champion of his era who is making an impact on breeding since his retirement to stud.
But, for once, it wasn't Whisky Terry was ringing about. "We've just retired Give Me Five, we couldn't get him back on the track so we are going to stand him at stud," said Terry.
"What sort of bitches do you think should suit him?"
That is probably the million dollar question.
There is no doubting the ability of a dog like Give Me Five (pictured).
His racetrack performances, albeit cut short through injury, showed he was Group class and his times (always a guide to a stud dog's future success) were exceptional.
His pedigree, being by champion Brett Lee from a successful damline, is another important factor in his bid for stud success.
So just what broodbitches should Terry and studmaster Nigel Rugg try to attract to Give Me Five to give him his chance to prove himself at stud.
Firstly, numbers are always important. No stud dog can make it without a good number of pups on the ground. And quality of bitch is just as important.
City class race bitches outperform their lesser quality "sisters" with just a few exceptions.
But pedigrees can be enhanced and nicks and crosses blended in a bid to provide just the right mating in the search for that elusive winner, city class star, or even champion.
Give Me Five has a myriad of possibilities for broodbitch owners. So where do we start. With his own sire Brett Lee of course.
It would appear obvious that what has worked for Brett lee "could" work with Give Me Five. Emphasis here on "could" because Give Me Five is only 50% Brett Lee. He has a damline as well that is highly influential on the result of matings.
One of the great nicks with Brett Lee has been through Bobniak bitches. This brings in a double-up of the famous Osti Lee damline through Gun Law Osti (sire of Brett Lee) and Paris Match (dam of Bobniak).
It has already been responsible for the brothers Hallucinate and Where's Pedro, as well as Meticulous, Prang and closer to home the promising Elma Fud.
Brett Lee also sired sensational sprinter Cromlah Bale to a daughter of Bobniak's sire Farloe Melody*.
Champion Pure Octane is by Token Prince (damsire of Give Me Five) from a Bobniak bitch.
The double, and even triple, of the Osti Lee damline is a huge success throughout the country. Therefore bitches with Bright Ebony, Prince Of Tigers and even daughters or granddaughters of Gun Law Osti, should suit Give Me Five.
Brett Lee has also done exceptionally well in the US but more importantly in England and Ireland. Australians have traditionally searched Irish and English pedigrees for stud dogs, much more so that the US influence. Brett Lee has done well with Spiral Nikita bitches (Geordie Parker), Staplers Jo (Razldazl Billy) and at home with Farloe Melody*.
There are more than enough Spiral Nikita bitches in Australia these days to go to Give Me Five.
One of the most important influences in Give Me Five's pedigree as a potential sire will be Token Prince, the sire of his dam.
Herein there are numerous opportunities for broodbitch owners to pick up on this factor with Give Me Five. Firstly there is the tried and true nick between Token Prince and Just The Best (Buckingham Chuck, Cool Effort, Cool Mat, Bluezella, Black Framed, Romantica Diva, Frosty Fruits etc etc are all from this cross).
So Just The Best bitches, and daughters of his stud success sons like Surf Lorian and Elite State will be ideal to go to Give Me Five.
With Token Prince being an influential son of Malawi's Prince, therein also gives broodbitch owners with bitches that carry daughters of Malawi's Prince in their pedigree an opportunity to utilise Give Me Five.
The fact Brett Lee carries New Tears as his damsire is another important factor. Brett Lee has done exceptionally well when bitches going to him have carried New Tears. This should prove as important for a dog like Give Me Five.
Thus bitches with Awesome Assassin, Light Of Fire, Gallant Ruler, Roanokee, New Fox, Proper Tears in their pedigree will also suit Give Me Five. It will produce a Sires Sex Balance to New Tears.
And as a lead-on from that, bitches with Pretty Short in their pedigree will also suit for the same reason.
Shining Chariot is also an influence that will help. Wee Sal (granddam of Brett Lee is bred on the Chariot Supreme/Bowetzel cross). Shining Chariot is by Chariot Supreme from a sister to Bowetzel.
Which brings us to Barneys Alarm, sire of Alarming Girl the second dam of Give Me Five. He has a number of sons, like Reggemite and Shirdon's Alarm, who have done well at stud and their daughters will be ideal to go to Give Me Five.
Then there is the immediate damline of Give Me Five which traces to that grand producer Gravel Rash (his fourth dam). Her great son Billy Binjang has been an influence at stud with such great gallopers as Great Wish (carrying New Tears as well), and Arvo's Express and Arvo's Junior. Daughters from all these will suit Give Me Five.
And we have already seen that a doubling up of the Wee Sal damline has been successful. Daughters of No Intent will bring in another daughter of Wee Sal to link up with Sobbing Sal in the damline of Give Me Five.
So let's look at a couple of "matings" that could help Give Me Five along the way, and could very possibly produce a superstar.

Brother Fox
Gun Law Osti
Miss Dusty Lee
Brett Lee
New Tears
Sobbing Sal
Wee Sal
Malawi's Prince
Token Prince
True Temptation
Doll's Me Mum
Barneys Alarm*
Alarming Girl
Gravel's Girl
Just The Best
Flying Amy
Surf Lorian
West Cape (by Brother Fox)
Barrio Fiesta
Dee Bee (by New Tears)
Malawi's Prince
Duchess Marina
Roxy Reason
Curryhill Brute*
Senojian Fox (by Brother Fox)

The strengths behind this "mating" are that it brings in an already proven cross between Give Me Five's sire Brett Lee and Miss Hot Gossip's dam Roxy Reason (New Guess, Double Guess etc).
It then gives a 4x3 Sires Sex Balance to Malawi's Prince (through the male Token Prince in Give Me Five, and the female Roxy Reason in Miss Hot Gossip), and it gives an important one 4x5 to Brother Fox on the direct male line in Give Me Five and the direct female line in Miss Hot Gossip (at the top and bottom of the pedigree).
Of course, there is the tried and true nick between True Temptation (dam of Give Me Five's damsire Token Prince) and Flying Amy (dam of Just The Best). Both these great bitches are by Amerigo Man from the same damline tracing to Bay Road Queen.
The fact Brett Lee (sire of Give Me Five) carries Wee Sal as his second dam, also works significantly with the double-up of Malawi's Prince that this "mating" would introduce.
Wee Sal and Malawi's Prince are bred on the Waverly Supreme*-Bowetzel cross.
This "mating" would also double-up New Tears and while it comes through two daughter strains, it does continue the success Brett Lee has had when New Tears is doubled in his progeny. Some of his best progeny have carried a double to New Tears.
Add to this the close relationship between the imports in the pedigrees of Give Me Five (Barneys Alarm) and Miss Hot Gossip (Curryhill Brute).
These two imports bring to this mating some very important crosses of some of the most influential broodbitches greyhound racing has seen. They are Sheila At Last, Cranog Bet and Shandaroba.
Sheila At Last is the dam of legend sire Monalee Champion, and significantly his half sister Monalee Peg, in Barneys Alarm's sireline. (Curryhill Brute is in-bred to Last Landing the dam of Sheila At Last, as well as the other great bitches Prairie Peg, Sally's Gossip and Racing Millie.)
Cranog Bet won two English Oaks and is dam of Irish Oaks and Easter Cup winner Itsamint, while Shandaroba (who carries four crosses of the famed broodbitch Mad Darkie) was the dam of Irish greyhound of the year and Irish Derby winner Russian Gun.

Brother Fox
Gun Law Osti
Miss Dusty Lee
Brett Lee
New Tears
Sobbing Sal
Wee Sal
Malawi's Prince
Token Prince
True Temptation
Doll's Me Mum
Barneys Alarm*
Alarming Girl
Gravel's Girl
Satharn Beo
Barneys Alarm*
Barneys Girl
Amerigo Man (by Brother Fox)
Leading Example
Miss Crisp
Daleys Gold
Westmead Move
Crack The Whip
Pretty Short
Whip Tip
Travelling Girl

Putting Hitech Star to Give Me Five is another excellent "mating". The immediate feature of this is a Sires Sex Balance 4x3 to Barneys Alarm* (through the female Alarming Girl in Give Me Five, and the male Reggemite in Hitech Star).
Significantly though Hitech Star has already produced an outstanding litter when mated to Give Me Five's sire Brett Lee, one that includes multiple Group finalist Tricode Flojo and the top class sprinter Hi Ransom.
This mating also brings in a 5x4 sex balance to Pretty Short (through the male New Tears in Give Me Five, and the female Whip Tip in Hitech Star).
Such a sex balance to Pretty Short was one of the major factors behind the success at stud of champion sire Credibility. So many of his best offspring carried this balance.
One of the most important factors in this mating is the position of Amerigo Man on both sides of this pedigree. He appears 5x4 but significantly on the alternate sex path of both sire and dam.
In Give Me Five, because he is a male, it runs down to his dam Doll's Me Mum, up to her sire Token Prince, down to his dam True Temptation, and up to her sire Amerigo Man.
In Hitech Star, because she is female, it runs up to her sire Reggemite, down to his dam Leading Example and then up to her sire Amerigo Man (again).
The fact Hitech Star carries Balligari* as her damsire is another factor that influences this pedigree. It already does so because the bitch carries Barneys Alarm* as her grandsire.
Barneys Alarm* and Balligari* double-up the great broodbitch influence Lively Band, balance to Linda's Champion and Sand Man, and bring in multiple crosses of Sheila At Last.
Prairie Flash is also balanced. He appears four times in Barneys Alarm* and twice in Balligari*.

Give Me Five