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Feral Franky


SIDNEY'S Shadow was a very smart race bitch over in South Australia winning 22 races including the
St Leger and was a multiple feature race finalist.

At stud, the daughter of Mogambo-Alana Blues by Collision has become a Group producing broodbitch.
Late in 2011, leading South Australian breeder Cameron Butcher contacted Pedigrees By Design about
possible matings for Alana Blues (Collision-African beauty by Larkhill Jo). Mogambo was one of the recommendations and Sidney's Shadow became South Australian-bred greyhound of the year.

Butcher came back again and a mating of Bekim Bale-Alana Blues produced On Fire (40 wins),
Purpose Driven (24 wins), Jay's Ace (16 wins), Buzz Box (11 wins) etc etc etc.

The pedigree of Sidney's Shadow was based on a very strong link between the famous half relations
Shining Light and Bowetzel tracing along lines in the pedigree that have great influence.

On Fire and his great littermates were bred on an entirely different pedigree match, linking the famous
half brothers Sonic Flight and Larkhill Jo.

So, when Pedigrees By Design was approached late in 2016 to look at a possible mating of Collision with the Mogambo-Tifi bitch Solar Pak it was given a HUGE thumbs up.

The pedigree was Sidney's Shadow all over again with Bowetzel and Shining Light again strongly
positioned albeit back in the pedigree.

On Saturday night at Wentworth Park, the Collision-Solar Pak mating continued to prove itself when
Feral Franky landed the Group 1 Vic Peters to go with his G3 Flying Amy Classic, G3 New Sensation and Richmond Riches victories.

He's already been second in the G1 Nat Derby and G3 Speed Star and a finalist in the G3 Bulli Gold Plate.
He is already a stud dog.
The mating was a natural.

Collision-Tifi had already produced a Group winner.
Collision/Where's Pedro was a proven "nick".
And, most interestingly, Group 1 star Mister Twister is bred on an identical cross of Collision/Where's Pedro/Bombastic Shiraz/Chili Berger.

No wonder Feral Franky is so good ... he is a close of Mister Twister and also Sidney's Shadow.
WHEN designing pedigrees, proven recipes are ALWAYS the best guide.
Some breeders refer to bloodlines that continue to work with each other as a successful "nick".
That is certainly what is happening with Magic Sprite and Barcia Bale.
It was never more evident than on Saturday night when Start A Riot (Magic Sprite-Flash Riot by
Barcia Bale) won the Group 1 Peter Mosman at Wenty.

Good on Keith Hellmuth (of Peter Rocket fame) for landing yet another Group 1 winner. Nice guys
do succeed in racing.

Start A Riot's pedigree is a reverse of that which produced Qld greyhound of the year Fast Times
(Barcia Bale-Clockwise by Magic Sprite) a multiple Group 1 winner now at stud.

Fast Times, another mating recommended by Pedigrees By Design, carried other strong elements to his
pedigree other than a Barcia Bale/Magic Sprite "nick".

The Wheeler family's Gail's Beauty was reinforced in his pedigree.
And, Star A Riot also has an added bonus to her pedigree.

It is the cross of Bombastic Shiraz in her direct damline. He is the sire of Start A Riot's second dam the hugely successful Raya Riot.

Bombastic Shiraz traces directly along his damline to the famed producer Zimbabwe.

Look at Magic Sprite's direct damline and we come to the great producer National Dingaan
(Worth Doing-National Lass).

National Dingaan, and her multiple Group 1 winning litter brother Little Denver, are incestuously in-bred to Zimbabwe and her litter brother Chief Dingaan.

This is a family that almost always does well when it is reinforced within itself ... exactly as in the pedigree of Start A Riot.

INTERESTING pedigree among Saturday night's Cannington winners is Hostile Guess
(Hostile-Viridian by El Galo).

Hostile has Roxy Reason as his third dam.
El Galo is a son of Roxy Reason.

The 4x3 duplication of the famous broodbitch Roxy Reason is intensely placed to impact.

Generally in a pedigree like this, the males will prove the better runners. They are the balancing
effect in a pedigree designed around a female influence.

But, the females from such a mating, will certainly be worthwhile broodbitches of the future.