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WHEN the time comes for Paul Wheeler and his syndicate members to breed with champion Fanta Bale they will be on a hiding to nothing.
Why, I can hear you ask.

Because no matter what they do, who they mate the champion daughter of David Bale-Ucme Typhoon by Dodgem By Design to, the overwhelming chances are that the great bitch will be unable to produce offspring to match her own mighty deeds.

Those deeds include 62 starts for 42 wins, 14 placings and $1.365 million in stakes ... the all-time money winning great in the world of greyhound racing. She is the winner of NINE Group 1s.
How, on earth, can Fanta Bale be expected to produce even one of her offspring that good? No others have been able to do so.

It was beyond champion race mares like Makybe Diva and Sunline, and if Black Caviar's first foal is anything to go by, then she's not going to make it either. Legend European mare Urban Sea really is a race and production immortal. She won the G1 Arc and at stud is responsible for two English Derby winners, an Arc winner and eight stakes winners.

But, the exercise in just who will suit Fanta Bale at stud is dependent on the fact Paul Wheeler is among those who own her. It was Wheeler who designed the pedigree of the great bitch.

Her pedigree is fabulous linking 3x2 Fortified Speed and USS Mysterious who are both from the Fortress sireline and both carry HB's Commander as the sire of their dam. Sire David Bale is in-bred 2x1 to half sisters.
Obviously, Wheeler will get a huge say, probably the deciding one, of which stud dog she is mated to. One thing is for certain ... she does not need an outcross mating. And, it is almost certain Paul will plump for one of his own dogs. Knowing the David Bale damline as well as he does, this will be his deciding factor.

So, let's have a quick look at some possibilities.
Fernando Bale, Turanza Bale, Dyna Lachlan, Collision and "possibly" Barcia Bale. ... that's as good a list as any. Let's go through them.

Fernando Bale
Wheeler, naturally, has used him extensively and is getting results. The reinforcement of his own damline is proving time and time again a recipe for success. This was ALWAYS going to be the success for Fernando.
Putting Fanta Bale to Fernando Bale will bring in "pace". Fanta Bale, you will remember, had enough pace to win the G1 Australian Cup so she doesn't need much of this asset.

This mating of Fernando Bale-Fanta Bale will duplicate (US speed influence) Gable Dodge 3x4 and it will come via SONS in each instance. Bitches from this mating "should" prove the best even though Fernando Bale is already showing he is male dominant.

Interesting that Fernando Bale's recent Traralgon Floodfawn Classic winner Why Not Ginger carries a 3x4 duplication of Gable Dodge ... through SONS. And, Why Not Ginger is a FEMALE.
The Wheeler line will be reinforced in a Fernando-Fanta mating but not greatly positioned.
I would think Fernando Bale is an obvious mate for Fanta Bale ... not because he suits her "perfectly" but because everyone will think he does.

Turanza Bale
To me, this mating is an absolute natural for a number of reasons.
Bala Bale, a G1 Melbourne Cup finalist litter sister to Fanta Bale's sire David Bale, was mated to Turanza Bale to produce Group star Dawkins Bale (2nd G1 Nat Derby, finalist G1 Winter Cup, G1 Easter Egg). This litter also had Benta Bale a multiple Group finalist.

ADN, when Fanta's dam Ucme Typhoon was mated to Turanza Bale along came a very good litter which includes Allen Oregon the winner of 20 races and placed 23 times for $107,000 in stakes. This litter won 77 races and earned $366,000 in stakes. In anyone's thoughts, that's a pretty good result.
Wheeler uses Turanza Bale for "chase". That is quite obvious considering the way he breeds to him.
It's a mating that would get me.

Dyna Lachlan
Most will say ... you are mad including Dyna Lachlan whose career (except for the recent deeds of multiple G1 performer Slick) at stud is long past him by.
But, there is a very strong link in his pedigree that can't be ignored for Fanta Bale.

Dyna Lachlan is by Go Wild Teddy and Wheeler loves to link this line to many of his bitches because it puts in a strong chase instinct and "lifts" what can sometimes be "soft" lines.
Dyna Lachlan's damsire is Ashom Bale (who Wheeler used to sire champion Dyna Nalin). Ashom Bale is by the US great Braddy (Perceive-Buzz Off). So what, I hear you ask.

Fanta Bale's dam Ucme Typhoon has as her second dam a bitch called Thin Air who is in-bred to Hall of Fame producer Buzz Off. One of those crosses includes a dog called Blendway who just happens to be a litter brother to Braddy ... yes the same Braddy found in the damline of Dyna Lachlan.
Dyna Lachlan's great race bitch Cawbourne Whip is in-bred to this family ... it's a PROVEN recipe for success.

Wheeler has used him many times to produce champions like Dyna Tron and Dyna Villa.
Dyna Tron is out of Gold Rush Bale a daughter of Jindara Bale.
You will remember that Fanta Bale's sire David Bale is in-bred to Gold Rush Bale and her half sister Dyna Beauty.
This proven factor would also be enough for me to consider a mating for Fanta Bale to him.
TWO champions like Dyna Tron and Dyna Villa are enough to prove it.

Barcia Bale
This mating will bring in some great intensity and also a proven cross.
First, it would link the littermates and proven stud successes Princess Bale (dam of Barcia Bale) and Bartrim Bale (grandsire of Fanta Bale). They are not really positioned to hugely impact, but they are still there in the pedigree.
And, Fanta Bale's direct damline brings in a cross of Greys Flamebeau (Fortress-Greys Julianna). This is the same damline as Kinloch Brae and Destini Fireball.

Barcia Bale, when mated to this damline, produced the Group staying star Dublin Bull and a number of quality littermates.
Wheeler uses Barcia Bale as a source of "chase" for bitches he gets from overseas. Fanta Bale's dam is just that.
Other options for her could be Kinloch Brae, bringing in a sister and brother Greys Free Style and Greys Flambeau, and an important "balance" of Fortress, as well as Aston Dee Bee and Blazin' Bomber.
Mating Fanta Bale ... an interesting exercise!

I wonder what plans Paul Wheeler and the syndicate that owns her have in store.