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A COUPLE of years ago while doing some “damlines research”, I came concentrated on the Miss Gypsy line which has been a huge success for Caroline Jones in Victoria.
I became so enamoured by it, I even rang Caroline and asked if she had any pups from the line she wanted to sell.
In my research I came across a bitch called Elgrando Gold (Elgrando-Sweet Liberty).
The bitch was high class.
She was runner-up in a Group 1 Sandown Laurels to Pure Burst.
In the same race was her litter sister Sweet Claudia.
By Request, now dam of Next Top Model, was third in the same race.
A repeat mating of Elgrando-Sweet Liberty produced Group class dogs Make The Magic and Morgan Bros.
It was the sort of damline I like to buy from.
Elgrando Gold, I thought would be cherry ripe for a mating to Where's Pedro.
Knowing only that Elgrando Gold was an outstanding bitch and I would be happy to buy a pup from any of her litters, I rang Caroline.
It happened that only a few weeks before Elgrando gold had whelped a litter, her first. And indeed, it was sired by Where's Pedro.
I was desperate to buy a dog and a bitch.
Caroline would have none of it.
She simply wanted to keep them all, and that's what she did.
The result today of that mating is El Grand Senor who next Saturday night runs, possibly as favourite, for the group 1 Maturity at The Meadows.
So what did this mating have to appeal.
Let's first look at the pedigree of Elgrando Gold who is a daughter of Caroline's own former top grade sprinter Elgrando.
Elgrando Gold's most dominant ancestor is Gun Law Osti who is the damsire of Elgrando.
The bitch also has a 4x5 duplication and sex balance to Eaglehawk Star.
With Gun Law Osti being a dominant ancestor, by putting Elgrando Gold to Where's Pedro he was duplicated 3x4 and sex balanced, through his son Brett Lee and his daughter My Madigan.
Where's Pedro also brought in a daughter strain of New Tears to link with the son strain in Elgrando Gold's damline via his son Light Of Fire.
Basically what Caroline did was bring in the duplication and sex balance of Elgrando Gold's most dominant ancestor. It is the most influence in the pedigree of El Grand Senor.
That dog is a giant at 38.5kgs, probably way too big for his own good, but his career on the racetrack to date hasn't shown that it is a worry.
He's been a multiple track record breaker on the horseshoe tracks in Victoria and has already won in 29.41 around Sandown.
I've heard since that Caroline has sold some of a repeat Where's Pedro-Elgrando Gold litter … for big money.