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Dyna Double One

THE fact Dyna Double One ran one-hundreth of a second faster than kennelmate Fernando Bale when winning his heat of the Melbourne Cup last Friday likely came as no surprise to the Daillys and Wheelers.
Dyna Double One ran a career best 29.05 while the champ Fernando Bale went 29.06 when winning their Cup heats.
For once in his career, Double One began like a rocket.
Of course, come this week's Cup final, ever reliable Fernando can be expected to bounce straight to the front and that will make Double One's task as tough as usual.
The Daillys and Wheelers make no secret of the fact Dyna Double One is just as fast as Fernando Bale.
Apparently, they've proven it to themselves in the past.
Box manners are everything in greyhound racing and that is what makes the difference between the pair in a race.
But, box manners are not a genetic trait actual speed is.
Which is why I believe Dyna Double One "could" become a better stud dog than his illustrious kennelmate Fernando.
Emphasis, of course, on "could".
Double One will need to be patronized by the right bitches for him to succeed, just like every other great race dog that goes to stud.
The fact his litter brother Dyna Tiber joins him on Friday night in the Melbourne Cup, and that other litter brother Dyna Vikkers won NZ's richest greyhound race last week, means Double One has all the credentials to succeed.
His dam was a star race bitch.
And, Double One has a very strong pedigree that can link with many, many lines currently available to him.
Here are just a few options that Double One could produce quality offspring to.
Buttsie Bale (Spiral Nikita-Vista Bale) is the damsire of Double One. He will play a HUGE role in how successful Double One becomes at stud.
Also in the Melbourne Cup final is a bitch called Lamia Bale.
She is by High Earner and her mother Maple Bale is a sister to Buttsie Bale.
Thus it would make sense to mate daughters of High Earner (and his close relation El Galo) to Double One in a bid to recreate the pedigree of Lamia Bale.
Lamia Bale, like many emerging city stars, carries a cross of the brothers Curryhills Fox and Curryhill Brute.
Double One's dam, Group winner Crystin Bale, is bred on this cross.
This can be reinforced by using either Fox or Brute, and also their litter Skelligs Tiger (found in the sireline of Premier Fantasy).
Bitches by Dyna Lachlan will be naturals for Double One because he carries Vista Bale as his second dam.
Vista Bale, you will remember, is the dam of Buttsie Bale (damsire of Double One).
Magic Sprite bitches too can be mated to Double One with confidence because such a mating will duplicate Spiral Nikita and balance him via a son and daughter.
I believe Double One can produce a superstar to a Magic Sprite bitch.
Buttsie Bale's grandsire is Phantom Flash the genetic brother to Westmead Flight.
Mixing Phantom Flash and Westmead Flight into pedigrees has worked successfully throughout the world.
Buttsie Bale also brings in a cross of Grove Whisper who is bred along similar lines to Westmead Flight.
Picking up Westmead Flight in pedigrees can be sourced via Fabregas, Bekim Bale and Heston Bale, as well as Jarvis Bale, Ahane Lad, Paddy's Flame, Phoenix Ice, Taylors Sky, Valentia Citrate, Westmead Osprey etc.
I believe Double One can produce a superstar to a Magic Sprite bitch.
The fact Double One's sire Barcia Bale carries a cross of Hallucinate in his damline means bitches with Where's Pedro in their make-up should also be tested with Double One.
Also in the damline of Buttsie Bale is a cross of Golden Currency.
He is from the same direct damline as Velocette one of the best sources of stamina this country has seen for some time.
Velocette bitches will also be a natural for Double One.
The fact Double One's sire Barcia Bale has Princess Bale as his dam means her brother Bartrim Bale can be sourced to help Double One succeed.
Bringing in brothers and sisters into a pedigree can only help.
Double One also brings in a cross of West Cape in his damline, plus LOTS of outcross influence.
This will help with matings to Surf Lorian bitches. He does exceptionally well when West Cape in duplicated in his progeny. Blue Lorian is bred on this cross.
WHILE there is much talk about outcrossing Aussie bloodlines (since the emergence of Fernando Bale), a number of Cup finalists have intense pedigrees.
Take a look at the make-up of Zipping Meg (Malfoy-Cho Chang by Whisky Assassin).
She is a very fast bitch who is in-bred 2x2 to the virtual sisters Many Tricks and Pacific Style.
Both are by Head Honcho and their dams are both out of Spanish Dance.
But the commonality does not end there.
The pedigree of Zipping Meg brings in a 3x3 cross of True Temptation and the similarly bred Princess Whisky.
I LOVE the pedigree match put together to produce Bearville Azza, yet another Melbourne Cup finalist.
He is by Lochinvar Marlow-Von's Angel by Big Daddy Cool.
Azza is in-bred 3x2 to the half relations Brett Lee and Big Daddy Cool.
But he also has a cross of Blonde Bombshell and her half brother Binalong Flash.
Both are out of Semester the Zulu Moss family.
IN-BREEDING isn't just restricted to the Cup finalists.
The Group 1 Bold Trease is also to be run on Friday night.
Bourbski Fever is one finalist. She is by Buck Fever-Midnight Movie by Spiral Nikita.
The intense in-breeding in her pedigree comes via a 3x2 cross of virtual sisters Naughty Thoughts and Midnight Drama.
Both are by Go Wild Teddy. Naughty Thoughts is out of Ready To Rain while Midnight Drama has Ready To Rain as her second dam.
I'll be giving a little cheer for my mate Thomas O'Donovan's Ryno's Raider in the Bold Trease.
Raider is by Collision-Others Quoted by History Lesson.
Raider is bred on a 1x2 cross of Collision and the similarly bred Last Quoted.