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SHE'S been a handy bitch all her career.
She is Cathella Ice (Black Enforcer-Intent's Fire by No Intent).
So when she won Saturday's Group 3 Bankstown City Cup at Potts Park she came up on the radar. Her pedigree was well worth looking at, and what a pedigree it is.
Here it is:

Malawi's Prince
Token Prince
True Temptation
Black Enforcer
Head Honcho
Miss Corleone
Light Sentence
Head Honcho
No Intent
Hot Show Deb
Intent's Fire
Malawi Law (by Malawi's Prince)
Sydney Fire
Fire Crisis

It had particular interest for me because this is the damline of the first greyhound I ever owned, a bitch called Unhurried (Golden Spur-Dark Debutante) back in the early 1980s. Poor Unhurried was a superstar stayer in the hands of a complete novice. I could never understand why so many people kept ringing me trying to buy Unhurried from me.
I certainly know now.
(She was only ever about one-fifth fit but her natural ability saw her win a few races before breaking a hock.)
This is the damline of such superstars of today as Velocette. It is also the direct damline of the famous Temlee tracing to foundation bitch Francis Colleen.
Cathella Ice's pedigree is heavily line bred to two dominant ancestors, Head Honcho who appears 3x3 through the middle of the pedigree through daughter and son, and Malawi's Prince who comes through two sons 3x4.
The breeders of Cathella Ice had to be extremely brave to embark on such a mating.
It does not surprise me that the female of the litter was the best. Being line bred to sons of Malawi's Prince like she is, meant she herself had to be the balancing effect of this male duplication of the great sire.
But if you thought the duplications of Head Honcho and Malawi's Prince so close up in the pedigree of Cathella Ice was interesting, take a close look at her second dam, Sydney Fire (Malawi's Law-Fire Crisis by Fire Cape).
She is heavily in-bred 2x3 to the litter sisters Jenny's Law and Tangress (Tangairn-Extra Progress).
This is her pedigree:

Malawi's Prince
Duchess Marina
Malawi Law
Jenny's Law
Extra Progress
West Cape
Fire Cape
Marmalade Magic
Fire Crisis
Acacia Park
Tanga Park
Tangress (Tangairn-Extra Progress)

Sydney Fire was a better than handy broodbitch producing Group class gallopers Poison Ivory (by Bright Ebony), Joe Mover (a Launceston Cup finalist) and Richmond distance track record breaker Blazing Fire (the latter pair by Stately Bird).
Blazing Fire is the dam of the very smart race bitch Lucky Fina (by Knockabout Wok).
Extra Progress is a granddaughter of the 10-time Olympic Park winner and Sandown Cup runner-up Dark Debutante (dam of former top class staying bitch Dark Harlequin and Val Matese … and my own Unhurried).
Val Matese was heavily line bred to Elsie Moss, Brenda Gay and carried three crosses of Golden Dimples all famous broodbitches. It was no wonder Val Matese became such a great broodbitch producing Currency Lass, Fancy Val, Propellant and Blue Lightning. (Breeders should take great notice of the pedigree of Val Matese.)
Blue Lightning is the fourth dam of Velocette.
So when Cathella Ice goes to stud, which as a Group 3 winner now she most surely will, who should she be mated with.
The saturation of Head Honcho and Malawi's Prince in her pedigree up close probably means she needs to be mated to an outcross.
But I for one would certainly entertain a mating somewhere down the track with Velocette.
It will bring in a very necessary daughter strain of Walkabout Sid 4x5x5, and another important daughter strain of Malawi's Prince 4x4x5.
But the tail female line on both sides of this pedigree will saturate the Dark Debutante line.
I never bred with Unhurried after she broke her hock. She was heavily line-bred to Jetgoing 3x4 through half sisters Leeander Lass and Lasnowee.
Leeander Lass is the famous broodbitch that pushed Dutchy Hellingman to the forefront of fame in this industry decades ago.
I well remember a great friend, a guiding light of sorts for me at the time, saying when I asked about breeding with Unhurried … “why would you want to do that?”
In hindsight it was a big mistake that I didn't go with a gut feel and breed with her.
There is enough evidence today to say she may have been something, produced something for me.
The Bankstown Cup victory of Cathella Ice and all those Group victories by Velocette and the many others from the line (Golden Currency etc) proves so.