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Recommended Broodbitch Matings

This feature of our service identifies the best matings for your broodbitch which could upgrade her progeny and produce quality offspring.

This service will include an analysis of your broodbitch's ancestory and her pedigree pattern.

It will identify key ancestors to introduce or duplicate within the planned mating, ancestors which are genetically compatible with your broodbitch's own pedigree.
It will recommend prospective stud dogs and explain why these matings are suggested.

At least three (and sometimes more) prospective sires will be suggested for your own study. A five generation pedigree of each of these proposed matings will be included.

While broodbitch owners must always remember breeding the racing greyhound is an inexact science, breeders can often manipulate the genes of future pups by being very selective in the choice of sires to help upgrade performance.