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PETER Whye has been waiting a while for his top class staying dog Blue Lorian to deliver, and that's just what he did on Saturday night at The Meadows.
Peter owns the son of Surf Lorian-Winsome Bluebird by Lansley Bale who had been chasing the top stayers around the country for the past six months, getting close to a Group victory but not quite.
He'd already been third in the Wentworth Park Gold Cup, won the Stayers Challenge at Cannington, been a finalist in the Galaxy at Cannington, Easter Chase at Wenty and Lizrene Classic at Sandown, and third in the Albion Park Gold Cup.
He'd proven himself a top stayer.
So when he won the Group 2 AMW Distance Championship at The Meadows on Saturday night beating a top class field, it was not only compensation for Peter for going so close so often, it was yet another Group victory to add to a wonderful damline, and a pedigree that works.
Blue Lorian is the result of many, many years of successful female lines right back to that great producer Dusty Cindy, a line John Finn has kept alive for decades.
The influential bitch in this line appears to be Swanky's Cindy (Lord Galaxy-My Swanky by Swanky Beau) a 1974 whelp who had a heavily line bred pedigree tracing to two sets of brother and sister combinations.
Swanky's Cindy was line bred 3x3 to Black top and his sister Triple Rocca (Top Linen-Classy Jane), and also carried a 3x4 cross of Moonview and her brother Sunview (Dream's Image-Lady Janellen).
In all my own pedigree research, it is amazing how many heavily line-bred bitches I find that appear within a damline, almost as a starting point for greatness.
Blue Lorian's own dam Winsome Bluebird was a Wentworth Park winner, so was his second dam Winsome Duchess and so was his third dam Winsome Blue.
Each of those females were from Group class litters.
Fourth dam Mink Mitten was a sister to Group 1 winner Rapid Supreme who is still to be found in pedigrees today most often through his son Star Title and grandson World Title. He is also the sire of Spanish City the third dam of Where's Pedro and Hallucinate, so he will have a place in history for a while to come.
What interests me most about Blue Lorian's pedigree is that it brings in some much needed duplications  to common and dominant ancestors.
Blue Lorian is line bred 3x4 to West Cape, a very rare duplication despite the number of times West Cape was used while at stud.
The mating also brings in a 4x5 duplication and importantly a sex balance to New Tears.
It is the West Cape duplication that impacts most. West Cape, as damsire of Surf Lorian, is positioned to impact his offspring greatly. By bringing in another daughter of him via Blue Lorian's dam, it helped impact the mating considerably. It doesn't surprise me that the best of this litter is a blue dog. West Cape was blue and white.
Surf Lorian carries three sons of Brother Fox on his dominant male lines.
This is what can impact on his chances of success at stud. He does not do well when mated to bitches that carry further intense line breeding to sons of Brother Fox.
But Winsome Bluebird was ideal to put to him. She's by Lansley Bale, a son of English Derby winner, the import Farloe Melody*, and has Awesome Assassin as her damsire. Awesome Assassin works particularly well with Surf Lorian mainly by bringing in that SON of New Tears to sex balance him. New Tears is another important ancestor in the pedigree of Surf Lorian.
Generally Surf Lorian needs a DAUGHTER of Brother Fox in the pedigree of the bitches he mates to sex balance all those son strains in his own pedigree. Winsome Bluebird carries a daughter of Acacia Park, the half brother to Brother Fox, which acts as the balancing effect in Blue Lorian's pedigree.
It is also interesting to note that Winsome Bluebird's own pedigree shows a duplication and sex balance of Acacia Park 4x5. This duplication sits nicely in the middle of her pedigree.
To help her succeed at stud she needs to mate a stud dog that brings back common ancestors that appear around this duplication of Acacia Park.
Surf Lorian did this by bringing in West Cape and New Tears as well as a son and daughter of Waverly Supreme.
It was a great match, a Group 2 AWM Distance Championship winning match.