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Bit Chili Aston DB




IT must be a tribute to Sam Cauchi's persuasiveness that Bit Chili became a much used and successful stud dog.
The son of Bombastic Shiraz-Chili Berger won the 13 races from 28 starts and earned $87,000 when racing way back in 2007. His claim to fame was victory in the Group 1 National Sprint beating Pure Burst and Mandagery Man putting $50,000 into his bank account.

Which means from his other 27 races he earned $37,000 ... not really much on which to hang a stud career.
Yes, he'd been fifth to Slater in a Golden Easter Egg as well.

But Sam, as he was always want to do, turned him into a stud dog. Was it more on Sam's reputation as a man who could sway broodbitch owners with the best of them?

But, as it turned out, Bit Chili, from the famed damline of legend Paua To Burn, got 2700 offspring to the races and some of them could really gallop like Cold Fusion, Walk Hard, Daydream, Bye Bye Bucks and the like.
But, it is as a broodbitch sire that Bit Chili is emerging as a real force.

His daughters are producing high class gallopers like that legend of toughness Cosmic Bonus, current Group star Tommy Shelby, Group stayer True Detective, G1 winners like Raw Ability, Bessy Boo, Simon Keeping and the recent G1 winning littermates Zipping Sapporo and Zipping Moose.
AND, there is an emerging pattern around some of those bitches.

Tommy Shelby's dam Serena Fly High is bred on a Bit Chili/Big Daddy Cool/Token Prince cross.
True Detective's dam Little Grey is bred on exactly this cross.
Wicked Warrior (by Where's Pedro) and winner of the G3 Magic Maiden and a finalist in the G1 Vic Peters, has a dam bred on exactly the same pattern.

Wicked Warrior and True Detective's dams are sisters.
Wicked Warrior, Simon Keeping, True Detective and Bessy Boo all are bred on the Bit Chili/Thai Magic cross.
Simon Keeping and Bessy Boo are both by Bekim Bale.

True Detective is in-bred to Thai Magic's female family via sisters Thai Magic and Most Welcome.
What is just as interesting is that current day stars Zipping Sapporo and Zipping Moose are out of Crafty Lady a daughter of Bit Chili-Valeri's Purse. AND, Valeri's Purse is by Most Awesome whose mother Most Welcome is the litter sister to Thai Magic.

I would think bitches with Bit Chili is their pedigree could do very well when mated to either Zambora Brockie or Ritza Lenny both of who come from the very same Thai Magic/Genuine Replica family.
Writing of Ritza Lenny, an interesting pedigree is that of recent Angle Park 29.85 winner Halis Girl (Ritza Lenny-Nymeria by Spring Gun).

Her pedigree is a valuable "balance" and also brings in some very common Irish links.
Sire Ritza Lenny (Barcia Bale-Lagoon Lowanna) is in-bred 3x2 to the famous litter brothers Hallucinate and Where's Pedro ... both SONS of Brett Lee.

Halis Girl's dam Nymeria is 3x3 to Big Daddy Cool and his half brother Brett Lee both via DAUGHTERS.
Obviously these daughters in Nymeria are the perfect "balance" for the two SON strains of Brett Lee in Ritza Lenny.

But, there is also a cross of Premier Fantasy and Little Diamond 4x4 in the pedigree of Halis Girl.
They are both bred on the cross of Murlens Slippy with the brothers Skelligs Tiger (in Premier Fantasy) and Curryhills Fox.

WHICH brings me to Aston Dee Bee (Barcia Bale-Aston Elle by Bombastic Shiraz), who, despite a disgraceful campaign by some to denigrate his early results, is fast becoming the boom young stud dog about the country.
Some of his recent city winners have fabulous pedigrees.

Thursday Knight (Aston Dee Bee-Veloso by Brett Lee) is balanced to Brett Lee but carries the full relations Goddess Of Fire and Awesome Assassin.
Invictus Jaxon (Aston Dee Bee-Invictus Gypsy by Kinloch Brae) again introduces the Goddess Of Fire/Awesome Assassin cross, but also links the famous half brothers Hallucinate and Pure Octane.

Kuro Kismet (Aston Dee Bee-Mayfair Miss by Premier Fantasy) has a wonderful pedigree. It duplicates and balances Bombastic Shiraz 3x4, links the litter brothers Hallucinate and Where's Pedro 4x3, bring in the full relations Goddess Of Fire and Awesome Assassin, and seals it all via the proven cross of Barcia Bale over Premier Fantasy (i.er. Mepunga Blazer and Ritza Lenny).

Rosie Red and Jack's Well (Aston Dee Bee-Molly Be Nimble by Nitro Burst) again duplicates and balances Bombastic Shiraz 3x3, again links Hallucinate and Where's Pedro 4x4 and reinforces the Wheeler family's Gail's Beauty influence.

And, don't forget, ADB's Group 1 stars Zipping Moose and Zipping Sapporo are in-bred and balanced to Bombastic Shiraz as well.

Aston Dee Bee, as I always thought he would be, is the real deal as a stud dog. His pedigree virtually demanded he would be.