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BEKIM Bale (Bartrim Bale-Amelia Bale) is the name greyhound in Australia at the moment after his Sandown track record and his win in the Sandownshootout..
Let's dissect his pedigree. Where better to starts than his sire, Bartrim Bale (Hallucinate-Gold Rush Bale) he won the Bulli Gold Plate and ran a track record at Bulli. Breaking a track record is generally a sign a stud dog can upgrade his offspring. It doesn't always work out, but it is a fabulous start.
Bartrim Bale's dam Gold Rush Bale has been a goldmine producer for Wheeler with Group performers of the calibre of Whitfield Bale, Greta Bale, Bremerton Bale, Ashby Bale, Princess Bale, Atlantic Bale, Dyna Tron, Dyna Morris and Dyna Bert all among her progeny by a host of different sires.
Bartrim Bale is line bred to Farloe Melody through his sons Bobniak and Lansley Bale. He has three male line crosses of Sand Man, the grandsire of Farloe Melody.
There is also a double to Admiral Lynch, multiples of Brother Fox and one cross of his half brother Acacia Park, as well as the usual saturation of Temlee and Waverly Supreme*.
Dam Gold Rush Bale also has crosses of the Wheeler foundation bitch Gail's Beauty and Bumper Star (significantly to her heavily line-bred daughter Gleefullee) a damline Wheeler still uses successfully today.
Bartrim Bale is line bred to the Gail's Beauty damline because Mathew's Antic, the fourth dam of Hallucinate, is a daughter of Handsomelee (a grandson of Gail's Beauty).
It is interesting to note that Gail's Beauty is heavily in-bred to that most famous of broodbitches Brenda Gay. If you trace the direct female line of Bartrim Bale you come to a bitch called Namor Star and she too is heavily in-bred to Brenda Gay. Namor Star is in-bred to Brenda's Daughter and her brother Top Linen, and significantly legend Temlee is in-bred to the same pair.
Which brings us to Amelia Bale (Sonic Flight-Evonne Bale) dam of the star Bekim Bale.
If ever a bitch was the makings of a broodbitch then Amelia Bale is top of the tree. She is a litter sister to Amity Bale who made a Melbourne Cup final and then was a Group star over distance later in her career.
Their dam Evonne Bale was a Group class sprinter, tough and genuine. Her sister Francesca Bale was a Group winner.
Amelia Bale, while not quite as good as Amity Bale, was a multiple city winner and got a distance. She was also second to Queen Lauryn in the Group 1 Sapphire Crown Classic. No better credentials for success at stud are needed.
Amelia Bale carries two very strong outcross lines via Westmead Flight (dam of Sonic Flight) and US stud dog By Tar (sire of her second dam Frosty Bale).
But Sonic Flight is by the Aussie galloper and Irish stud success Frightful Flash. Evonne Bale is by Light Of Fire.
What is of great interest to me is the fact By Tar carries a cross of Highway Robber within his pedigree to link with the many crosses of his brother Sand Man in the pedigree of Bartrim Bale.
At first look, a mating of Bartrim Bale and Amelia Bale is quite an outcross.
The first significant linebreeding is to New Tears 5x4 via a daughter and a son.
Brother Fox comes in 5x6x6x6 via sons and one daughter. Amerigo Man comes in via daughters 5x5. Chariot Supreme comes in 6x5x5 via three daughters.
While all these aspects are interesting, there are a couple of others that appear as strong. Let's take Amelia Bale's pedigree for a starter.
Frightful Flash and Light Of Fire are bred almost identically. Frightful Flash has Tangaloa as his grandsire and is out of a daughter of Chariot Supreme. Light Of Fire has Tangaloa as his great grandsire and is out of a Chariot Supreme bitch. The fact Amelia Bale is also in-bred to the brothers Sand Man and Highway Robber via SONS leads me to believe the balancing effect on this pedigree was the FEMALE Amelia Bale herself. There is no doubt this pedigree is dominant for females Amity Bale proved that too.
There is a remote aspect to this pedigree that deserves explaining.
Bartrim Bale is in-bred to Farloe Melody* whose dam Chini Chin Chin is heavily line bred to the famous "Millie" damline, one of the greats of Irish greyhound racing. Grove Whisper*, sire of Bartrim Bale's second dam Jindara Bale, is line bred to Millie Hawthorn.
Chini Chin Chin also is in-bred to legend Monalee Champion and his half brother Monalee King. Farloe Melody carries a cross of Greenane Gem, yet another half brother to Monalee Champion and Monalee King, through his sire Lodge Prince.
When we check out the pedigree of Westmead Flight, the dam of Amelia Bale's sire Sonic Flight, and a very important influence on Amelia Bale, we find she traces to a bitch called Sheila's Prize.
Sheila's Prize is a SISTER to Greenane Gem and a half sister to Monalee Champion and Monalee King. Could it be the fact Sheila's Prize is in Amelia Bale's pedigree to balance the influence of her three brothers in Bartrim Bale that "made" Bekim Bale?
Paul Wheeler, I know, believes most pedigree "experts" are able to analyse a star race dog AFTER it is good.
Well, I do hope Paul puts either Amelia Bale or Amity Bale to his champion sprinter Dyna Lachlan (Go Wild Teddy-Benden Flex).
I believe it is a mating he should try constantly because it could produce him a superstar of the order of Bekim Bale.
That's because of the very strong link between Ashom Bale, damsire of Dyna Lachlan, and Frosty Bale, the second dam of Amelia Bale.
They will be a very strong balancing effect upon each other just like Wee Sal and Shining Chariot are in the pedigrees of champions like Betty's Angel and Trewly Special etc.
Ashom Bale is by US sire Braddy from a daughter of Hot Lace. Frosty Bale is a daughter of US sire By Tar from a daughter of Hot Lace. Braddy and By Tar both carry the famous US broodbitch Benatar in their pedigree. Ashom Bale's dam Monalee Bale is by West Cape. Frosty Bale's dam Dior Bale is by West Cape's brother Amerigo Man.
A mating of Dyna Lachlan-Amelia Bale will also bring in the cross of Shining Chariot with his sister Centrefire an added bonus.
Dyna Lachlan (like Bartrim Bale) also has a cross of Grove Whisper in his female line.