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Alice Dooley


Alice Dooley



IF Alice Dooley was remembered only for being the mother of Hall of Famer Paua To Burn it would have been more than enough to proclaim her a broodbitch influence.

But, Saturday night's running of the Million Dollar Chase at Wentworth Park is testament to just what an influence she has indeed been on the breeding of greyhounds in this country.

Alice Dooley (Barrantes-Impish Dancer) was a very fast race bitch with an incredibly in-bred pedigree.

Alice Dooley is saturated 2x1 to the virtual sisters Bush Ballad and Impish Dancer. They are both by Brother Fox who is positioned to intensely impact upon the pedigree of Alice Dooley. Brother Fox's mother Pitstock Park was intensely in-bred 2x1 to the virtual sisters Dawn Moss and Copha Rev. Pitstock Park is in-bred 4x3 to legend Elsie Moss whose pedigree is one of the strongest examples of intense in-breeding ever. It should be studied closely.

BUT, also in the pedigree of Alice Dooley is a 3x3 cross of Drop Of Wine and All Over Again and they are virtual sisters as well. Both are daughters of Temlee, and both have Jetgoing in their direct damline.

Million Dollar Chase finalist from the Alice Dooley female line are:
Good Odds Cash
(Collision-Nino de Oro)
Irinka Riley
(Barcia Bale-Zagati)
Coast Model
(Fernando Bale-Champion Model)
(Fernando Bale-Spritely Mae)

All four carry Fernando Bale in their pedigree. Good Odds Cash and Irinka Riley are out of Fernando Bale bitches. These two finalist are out of litter sisters Nino de Oro and Zagati (Fernando Bale-Solar Pak) who were sisters to MDC winner Good Odds Harada and G1 star Feral Franky.

(N.B. Feral Franky is already siring city winners out of a daughter of Fernando Bale.)
Coast Model and Zambidis both trace directly along their tail female line to Alice Dooley ... their fifth mother.
The influence of Alice Dooley's daughter Chili Berger cannot be understated.

Her pedigree shows a 3x4x3 saturation but fabulous balance of Brother Fox, and a 5x4 duplication of Waverly Supreme.

Mating her to Bombastic Shiraz, himself in-bred 3x3 to the litter brothers Malawi and Buka Sunset, has left a lasting legacy already.

The other MDC finalists are a mixed bunch of pedigrees.
HOT favourite, She's A Pearl (Aston Dee Bee-Shez Impetuous by Jagger Swagger) is bred on a proven Bombastic Shiraz/Frosty Fruits cross, but her dam is intensely in-bred to champion sire Collision.

She is yet another wonderful representative of the Gay's Fancy female family that has been a Godsend for Dennis Barnes and his family and also includes champion Striker Light.

Photo Man (Aston Dee Bee-Amlin Mystique by El Grand Senor) is the lone Victorian in the MDC final.
He is line bred 4x3 to the brothers Hallucinate and Where's Pedro but also has an interesting double of Fortified Speed back in his pedigree.

Interesting too is the fact he carries Collide (a half brother to Collision) in his damline.
Ritza Donna (Orson Allen-Ritza Millie by Collision) is a proven G1 performer and her pedigree boast is a strong 3x5 double of Go Wild Teddy placed to impact.

Her mother is bred on the same Collision/Ready To Rise cross as Wentworth Park TR holder Shakey Jakey.
Doonan (Fernando Bale-Book Of Luck by My Bro Fabio) rounds out the MDC field and he too has a fabulous pedigree.

He is yet another successful Fernando Bale/My Bro Fabio cross. The strength of this is that Fernando's mother Chloe Allen is a virtual sister to Fabio's sire Turanza Bale.

Doonan's mother Book Of Luck is in-bred to that fine producer Bright Banner through her superstar sprinter son Bright Ebony and his half sister Bright Blitz.

Hardly any of the MDC finalists have a dominant outcross influence.